Reset of Poland's relations with Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Poland talks about four new crossings

, 21:04, 22.01.2024
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During his visit to Kyiv, Donald Tusk and the Ukrainian Prime Minister announced a reset in bilateral relations, emphasizing open and honest dialogue.

Reset of Polands relations with Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Poland talks about four new crossings

Denys Szmyhal and Donald Tusk after talks in Kyiv

During his visit to Kyiv, Donald Tusk met not only with Volodymyr Zelensky, but also with the head of the Ukrainian government, who, after the meeting, announced a "reset" in bilateral relations that have been tense over recent months.

— Today, we are talking about resetting relations between our countries—a reset based on the principle of balance
said the Prime Minister of Ukraine after the meeting with Donald Tusk.

The Polish Prime Minister spoke in a similar tone, noting that if there are differences in interests in Polish-Ukrainian relations, "we need to talk about it honestly and openly" and then jointly find a solution beneficial to both parties. He also noted that on the most important issue, which is the war between Ukraine and Russia, "Poland stands behind Ukraine fighting for independence".

– This matter is not subject to discussion; we have the same opinion – he assured. He also said that the format of bilateral intergovernmental consultations would be renewed to "avoid unnecessary tensions or conflicts of interest."

— An honest conversation between friends can work wonders, Tusk emphasized. - Mr. Prime Minister, dear Denys - I cordially invite you and the entire Ukrainian government to Warsaw for the first such full-scale consultations between the governments of the Republic of Poland and Ukraine after a long break - added Tusk.

Denys Szmyhal also informed about bilateral talks on improving the crossing of the Polish-Ukrainian border. The ideas include joint customs and border control and the opening of four new crossings.

“We will also exchange customs databases and continue to modernize our checkpoints”, he said.

Cooperation at the border and carriers' protest

Donald Tusk said that the issue of the protest at the border and Polish interests in the carrier was the subject of a "very specific conversation". He also noted that he received with great satisfaction the information that "acts are already being prepared that will equalize European, Polish carriers with Ukrainian carriers in terms of standards".

Ukraine's goals for 2024

Denys Shmyhal also admitted that 2024 will be a "key" year for Ukraine. He listed three goals facing Kyiv, asking Donald Tusk for support in achieving them:

  • approval by the European Council of the financial support instrument Ukraine Facility;
  • starting the negotiation process on Ukraine's accession to the European Union;
  • clear decisions at the NATO summit in Washington regarding Ukraine's membership in the alliance.

— Thank you for your solidarity with our country; Thanks for your help. Glory to Ukraine and glory to Poland. For your and our freedom, Denys Szmyhal concluded his speech, pronouncing the last sentence in Polish.


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