Prigozhin told what the fighters of "Wagner" were doing. There are several options

, 21:56, 31.07.2023
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Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the mercenaries of the Wagner group, commented on the suspension of the recruitment of new fighters. He assured that the PFW did not need new staff, and the Wagnerians would

Prigozhin told what the fighters of Wagner were doing. There are several options

Yevgeny Prigozhin

In the recording, Prigozhin stated that PFW "Wagner" continues its activities in Africa, as well as in training centers in Belarus. This is reported by the Gray Zone Telegram channel (connected with the structures of PFW "Wagner").

What will the Wagnerians do next? Prigozhin answered

On July 30, the Russian Telegram channels spread the information that "due to the large reserve of personnel in PFW "Wagner" there is no urgent need to recruit new members. The work of regional recruitment centers in PFW "Wagner" is suspended for an indefinite period."

Yevgeny Prigozhin commented on the suspension of recruitment to the ranks of the Wagnerians: - Today is July 30th. At the moment, the opening date of the recruitment centers has not yet been set. To avoid secrets and behind-the-scenes conversations, I inform you that PFW "Wagner" continues its activities in Africa, as well as in training centers in Belarus.

- Today we are defining further tasks, the outlines of which are becoming clearer. Of course, these are tasks that will take place in the name of Russia's greatness, Prigozhin said.

He noted that now most of the fighters are on vacation, because before there was a long period of "very intensive work". Neither I nor the command council imposed any restrictions on the transfer of our former and current comrades-in-arms to other structures of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, few agreed to transfer from the "Wagner" group. Long years of hard work, long years of war, side by side, have made us one team, and that is why our comrades in arms are striving to return to "Wagner", said the terrorist Prigozhin.

PFW "Wagner": does Prigozhin plan to continue recruitment? The answer is ambiguous

Yevgeny Prigozhyn added that the Wagner players do not lack staff, so they do not plan to recruit new players. However, Prigozhin asks to "keep in touch with them", because "as soon as the Motherland needs to create a new (additional) "group" that will be able to protect the interests of our country, we will certainly start recruiting."

Let us add that the leader of the PFW "Wagner", Yevgeny Prigozhin, commenting on the Russian-African summit in St. Petersburg, spoke positively about the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

“What our president has done is a very important thing. This is the second forum and during this forum, and certainly at other meetings, personal relationships based on trust were built with most African leaders, for Africans this is very important - trust after the first word", Prigozhin said in a telephone conversation with the Afrique media.

Earlier it was reported that Prigozhin appeared behind the scenes of a major Russian-African summit in St. Petersburg, although he agreed to leave the Russian Federation after the failed coup in June. The Financial Times notes that his continued presence in Russia indicates that Prigozhin remains an important part of the Kremlin establishment and that Putin "does not want to or cannot get rid of him yet."

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