President Zelensky's speech on Defenders of Ukraine day

, 17:47, 01.10.2023
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President Zelensky's message on Defenders of Ukraine Day, celebrating the courage and resilience of territorial defense forces and the nation's determination for victory.

President Zelenskys speech on Defenders of Ukraine day

President Zelensky's speech on Defenders of Ukraine day

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky published a video message on the occasion of Defenders of Ukraine Day, which is celebrated for the first time on October 1.

Today, the warriors of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrate their Day. They, along with all other types and branches of the armed forces, liberate Ukrainian land from Russian invaders, bravely and steadfastly defend Ukraine.

I thank you for your courage and strength! I thank all the territorial defense warriors!

Congratulations on the Day of Territorial Defense!

A video of the president's speech was published on Telegram.

“Difficult times have made us strong. And the strong are approaching the times of victory. Step by step. Today, tomorrow, every day, every minute. No one has been or will be able to "turn off" our stability, endurance, strength and courage. They have no expiration date, no end date, no extreme point after which we stop resisting and fighting, except for one thing - our victory. Every day we get closer to it and say: "We will fight as long as it takes!" – Zelensky said.

The Day of Defenders of Ukraine was celebrated on October 14, 2015. On the same day, the feast of the intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos was celebrated, considered the patroness of Ukrainian Cossacks. October 14 is also the official founding day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

In 2021, this holiday was transformed into Defenders' Day. And after the Orthodox Church of Ukraine switched to the New Julian calendar, it was moved to October 1.

Also on the first Sunday of October, Teroborona fighters celebrate their professional holiday. The event was introduced in 2020.

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