Polish volunteers deliver more cars for soldiers fighting in the Zaporizhia region: "thanks to them, Ukrainians are destroying Russians"

, 17:53, 01.10.2023
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Polish volunteers delivered more off-road vehicles to Ukrainian soldiers fighting against the Russian army near Robotyne in the Zaporizhia Oblast.

Polish volunteers deliver more cars for soldiers fighting in the Zaporizhia region: thanks to them, Ukrainians are destroying Russians

Polish volunteers organize cars for the Ukrainian Army

Polish volunteers have recently supplied additional off-road vehicles to Ukrainian soldiers engaged in fierce combat against Russian forces near Robotyne in the Zaporizhia Oblast. This area is witnessing some of the most intense fighting in the ongoing counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These vehicles have proven invaluable to Ukrainian forces in their efforts against the Russian troops.

Five specially prepared and equipped vehicles were delivered to the Melitopol section, under the supervision of Mateusz "Exen" Wodziński's group, while another was dispatched to Bachmut. These vehicles were generously donated by Polish citizens directly to the soldiers stationed on the frontlines.

When asked about the motivation behind their actions, "Exen" succinctly stated, "I am providing these cars because the Ukrainians use them to destroy the Russians." He further emphasized their commitment, stating, "This action will continue until the war ends with our victory."

Behind the scenes: delivering vital off-road vehicles to Ukraine's Armed Forces

One of the vehicles, a black Toyota Rav 4, was delivered to the soldiers of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade, situated not far from the battle line with Russian forces. "We leave the keys and get out of here. Who should we leave them to, who wants the car?" — Exen jokingly asked.

The keys to the Toyota were handed over to Valery, a mechanic within the 47th brigade responsible for maintaining the soldiers' vehicles. Valery expressed the critical need for such vehicles, as they are frequently damaged or lost in combat. These vehicles play a vital role in troop transportation, ammunition transport, and evacuating the wounded on the frontlines.

"These vehicles are of great value to us. Our cars are constantly under fire, exposed to landmines, and susceptible to breakdowns. We rely on them for movement, carrying supplies, and assisting the injured. They are indispensable equipment on the frontlines," stated a Ukrainian soldier.

Mateusz "Exen" Wodziński initiated his efforts in June 2022 by delivering the first batch of vehicles to Ukrainian soldiers. Since then, this recent delivery marks his 50th trip to Ukraine. In total, he and his team have provided over 150 vehicles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The vehicles transported to Ukraine are carefully selected to ensure their reliability and durability on the battlefield. They must have four-wheel drive, sturdy tires, and be in excellent mechanical condition, encompassing the engine, suspension, gearbox, and frame.

Funding for these vehicles is raised through online crowdfunding campaigns. "Exen" shared that their campaign received support from over 10,000 individuals. He emphasized transparency in their operations, documenting and illustrating how the donated funds are utilized.

While interest in the ongoing conflict may be waning, Mateusz "Exen" Wodziński and his team remain steadfast in their commitment to assisting Ukrainian forces. They are determined to continue their efforts for as long as the war persists.


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