Polish police have called to local authorities three times to withdraw permission to block the border with Ukraine

, 12:10, 26.11.2023
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The Polish district police from Jarosław have already written three times to the mayor of the Radymno commune, Bohdan Shilar, informing them of numerous violations by the organizers of the blockade.

Polish police have called to local authorities three times to withdraw permission to block the border with Ukraine

There is an ongoing protest of Polish carriers on the border with Ukraine. There are kilometers-long traffic jams

The Polish police from Jaroslaw, responsible for the blockade zone near the Korchowa-Krakowiec border crossing, between November 10 and 22, three times contacted the mayor of the Radymno commune, Bohdan Szilar, with information about numerous violations by the organizers of the blockade. They were called to stop the action.

A photo of the third letter from the District Police Commander in Jarosław to Bohdan Szilara from the Radymno Wiyt commune was published by Tomasz Bucek, a member of the Konfederacja party.

The Polish police demand to end to the blockade of carriers

The police emphasize that, according to Polish law, public gatherings may be interrupted by a decision of the municipal authorities if the gathering poses a threat to people's life and health or involves the risk of significant material losses. According to the police, the border blockade poses such a threat because the organizers did not provide appropriate security measures.

A particular threat is the accumulation and long-term stay in one place of trucks with hazardous materials.

In particular, the police emphasize that the organizers of the blockade are not fulfilling their obligation, included in the request to hold the meeting, which is to allow cars with cargo for the Ukrainian army and live animals to pass without queues. According to the police, the journey takes place at a rate of one car per hour, regardless of the load carried in the car.

Border with Poland: why are carriers on strike?

On November 6, Polish carriers began physically blocking three of the four largest border points on the Polish-Ukrainian border: "Jagodyn-Dorohusk", "Krakowiec-Korchowa", "Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne". The action is planned for a period of two months.

Polish carriers are demanding in particular the return of permits to Ukrainian carriers. Recall that in March this year, the European Union and Ukraine agreed to extend the so-called "visa-free transport" agreement until June 30, 2024. After the announcement of the agreement, Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine - Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure, said that in the first year of operation of "visa-free transport", the volume of bilateral and transit road transport of goods increased by over 50%. The number of carriers crossing the EU border increased by 53% compared to 2021. The number of crossings also increased: it increased by 43%.

Who is behind the carriers' protest?

The political expert, citing the Guildhall news agency, emphasizes that the nationalist and pro-Russian "Konfederacja" party is behind the organization of the protest on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The organizer of the blockade is Rafał Mekler, owner of the transport company Rafal Mekler Transport and head of the branch of the "Confederation of Freedom and Independence" in the Lublin Voivodeship. Even earlier, at the beginning of Russia's massive invasion of Ukraine, employees of Rafal Mekler Transport repeatedly organized "protest actions", demanding the complete lifting of economic sanctions against Russia.

People associated with this "Konfederacja" party have repeatedly shown a favorable attitude towards the Russian Federation. Former party leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke proposed that Poland recognize the occupation of Crimea, went there himself and met with Russian politicians.

"Konfederacja" is associated with the Polish organization "Młodzież Wszechpolska", which in turn has good contacts with the so-called Russian imperial movement. This Russian organization, controlled by the FSB, was involved in recruiting fighters for replacement forces in Donetsk and Luhansk.


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