Payments to displaced people, taxes and mobilization: what changes await the inhabitants of the Dnipro from August 1

, 17:50, 30.07.2023
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In a bid to alleviate the hardships faced by displaced individuals and bolster social support, authorities are gearing up to launch a series of transformative initiatives starting August 1st.

Payments to displaced people, taxes and mobilization: what changes await the inhabitants of the Dnipro from August 1

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This proactive approach aims to empower those affected by displacement, whether due to natural disasters, Russia aggression, or economic challenges.

The comprehensive plan includes augmenting financial aid to provide immediate relief to displaced populations, reevaluating tax policies to foster economic stability, and mobilizing community efforts to foster a spirit of solidarity and resilience. By synergizing these efforts, governments, and organizations hope to not only uplift the lives of the displaced but also create a blueprint for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Aid for displaced persons

The government has changed the procedure for providing assistance to displaced persons. The new regulations will come into force on August 1. Social benefits will be accrued for a period of 6 months.

Yes, for displaced people who received payments earlier, they will be automatically extended until the end of January 2024. However, there are categories that may be left without funds. This:

Ukrainians staying abroad for more than 30 consecutive calendar days without a valid reason;
citizens who have returned to the place of residence they had previously left;
citizens serving prison sentences or convicted of collaboration.
Payment terms are also changing. From now on, they will be charged on the 15th or 28th of each month.

For people who apply for help for the first time in August this year. the funds will go to one person's account for all family members.

The deposit amount remains the same:

  • 2000 UAH - for adults,
  • 3000 UAH – for minors and people with disabilities.

Pre-war taxes and checks will return

Pre-war taxes will be refunded from August 1. The preferential 2% uniform tax for entrepreneurs will be abolished.

FOP from group 3 will be automatically transferred to the tax paid before the war or will be able to choose the tax system on its own. FOPs that have been taxed at 2% since registration will be considered Group 3 Single Tax payers at a rate of 5%.

From August 1, FPOs from the 1st and 2nd groups will again be obliged to pay one tax. The ban on imposing penalties for violating tax regulations will also be lifted and the deadlines for submitting tax returns will be restored.

The company is also awaiting inspection. On August 1, the moratorium on inspections of excise goods (alcohol, tobacco, fuel), gambling and financial services will be partially lifted. Liability for violations in the use of cash registers will also return.

Payments to displaced people, taxes and mobilization from August 1


Some categories of pensioners will receive increases next month.

The one-time allowance is intended for war veterans and victims of Nazi repressions. Usually it counted until May 9, but this year the date was moved to August - for Ukraine's Independence Day.

Payment will also be received by:

  • veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian War and the Revolution of Dignity,
  • combatants,
  • family members of the deceased
  • disabled pensioners.

The amount of the benefit is set by the government and will depend on the category of recipient.

Assistance to the victims of the terrorist attack on Kakhovskaya HPP

Victims of drowning as a result of a terrorist attack carried out by the Russians on Kakhovskaya HPP can apply for a one-time payment of UAH 5,000 until August 31.

The application can be submitted to the social protection authorities in any locality in Ukraine. Needed documents:

  • identification;
  • a document confirming the registration number of the taxpayer's settlement card;
  • children's birth certificate.

eOsel loans.

From August 1, the "eOsel" program of cheap state housing loans will be extended. Mortgage at 7% per annum will be available to the following categories of Ukrainians:

  • war veterans and their family members;
  • participants in hostilities;
  • people with disabilities as a result of war;
  • families of deceased veterans and defenders, as well as defenders of Ukraine;
  • internal migrants;
  • people who do not have their own apartment;
  • citizens with less than 52.5 sq. m for a family of one person and an additional 21 square meters. m - for each subsequent family member, except for housing in temporarily occupied territories.

Under what conditions can you get a loan:

  • fixed annual rate in hryvnia – 7%;
  • first installment - from 20%;
  • loan period - up to 20 years;
  • you can buy an apartment in a building that is under construction or was built no more than 3 years ago.


From August 1, conscripts will be able to move to the mobilized category at their own request. It will be possible if the soldier served in martial law for more than 6 months longer than the prescribed period.

The president also signed a law allowing the dismissal from military service of those whose close relatives have gone missing or died during martial law.

Replenishment of cards through the terminal

From August, additional verification will be required when conducting cash transactions through self-service terminals. So, when you top up your card or transfer funds, you will need to provide your phone number. You will receive a message with a payment confirmation code.


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