Over 1,300 people have already booked car license plates online in a week — Ministry of Internal Affairs

, 17:37, 15.08.2023
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From August 7, Ukrainian car owners have a new opportunity - online booking of license plates at the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the week, service was used 1,363 times.

Over 1,300 people have already booked car license plates online in a week — Ministry of Internal Affairs

Service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

This was reported by the press service of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine.

“Only in the first week of the existence of the new website of the Ministry of Interior Service Centres, it was used 1,363 times. In the Electronic Driver's Room, you can choose and reserve vehicle registration plates," the message says.

The Main Service Center of the Ministry of the Interior noted that two different websites related to license plates have already been created for Ukrainians.

“One of them allows for a free selection of state registration plates from those available on a specific website of the Ministry of the Interior before submitting an application for registration or re-registration of a vehicle. This has never happened in Ukraine before. And another website allows you to order individual registration plates, which are attached to the state registration plates of the vehicle.

How to reserve a specific alphanumeric combination

The owner or future owner of the vehicle can log in to the Electronic Driver's Office and see if a given combination of numbers, or letters and numbers is available.

Once you have selected the desired combination, you can reserve it for your vehicle for 10 days. You can also pay for a selection and/or combination of numbers and letters online.

What you should know about booking license plates

The service is provided to those drivers who can use digital services in Ukraine. This means that if a driver has received a new model driving license or registered any vehicle in the last 10 years, the information about it is included in the electronic register of the Ministry of the Interior, and digital services are available to him. If the driver has not had a single reference to any MSW service center for ten years, digital services cannot yet be provided. You should either exchange your driver's license for a modern driver's license or apply offline for services, including the state vehicle registration plate selection service at the MSW service center.

"The owner of a vehicle or a person planning to buy a car, motorcycle, trailer, etc. can reserve only one license plate. If a given person owns several vehicles, another reservation is possible after the customer determines the selected license plate and re-registers the car on the MSW website" - we read in the message.

Cost of services

The Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added that the license plate selection service costs UAH 360 for any combination, except for some paid number combinations - their cost varies from UAH 4 800 to UAH 36 000. The cost of 1 day of storage is 10.80 UAH. License plate reservation is valid for up to 10 days.

“Separately, you will have to pay about UAH 300 for a license plate (a special metal product, the cost of which depends on the type of vehicle and the cost of purchase); UAH 200 for the administrative service of vehicle registration/re-registration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs service center; UAH 405 for the form of the vehicle registration certificate (you do not pay if you receive the e-proof only) and additional commissions of the payment system or bank.

But if within 10 calendar days the booking customer has not applied for the registration service, this booking is automatically canceled, the license plate goes back to the vacant list and another person can reserve it for their vehicle.

“Also during this time, the customer may refuse to issue a reserved license plate. For this, it is necessary to submit the unreserved license plate to the Regional Service Center of the Ministry of Interior, which is the governing body in the region, and submit the return request, receipt and copy of the passport to the accounting department.” - we read in the communiqué.

It should also be noted that the co-owner of the car, which is indicated in the vehicle registration document, cannot reserve a license plate.

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