On the border of Ukraine with the EU, 9 more checkpoints will be opened - Shmyhal

, 18:07, 22.08.2023
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On the border of Ukraine with the European Union, 9 more checkpoints will be opened and a common customs and border control will be introduced. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal informed about this.

On the border of Ukraine with the EU, 9 more checkpoints will be opened - Shmyhal

Border with Poland

According to him, an important element of Ukraine's movement in the EU is the development of fast logistics towards the west.

Shmyhal noted that the government sets three key tasks to improve the operation of the Ukrainian-European border:

  • Development of border infrastructure. “Currently, there are 21 car checkpoints on the border with the EU. Three of them were opened on a full scale during the war. There are plans to build another nine and modernize 13,” said the Prime Minister.
  • Joint customs and border control with EU countries. “It means that there will be one checkpoint where representatives of both countries will work. This will allow for greater integration with the European space, speed up logistics and minimize corruption,” he said.
  • Continuation of the introduction of visa-free customs traffic with the countries of the European Union. According to Shmyhal, customs authorities should be transferred to new software to meet European standards.

On August 15, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in its entirety draft law No. 7420, known as the "Law on Exemption from Customs Visas". The document improves, among other things, the existing provisions to simplify customs clearance for reliable companies, grant the status of financial guarantor and ensure the payment of customs duties. The draft law also provides for the introduction of a European complaints mechanism and the continuation of the digitization of customs authorities, which should speed up the process and reduce the risk of corruption. 

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