On August 13, the Russian military shelled Toreck and Siversk, injuring two women

, 18:37, 13.08.2023
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Shocking attack in Donbas: Russian forces shelled Toreck and Siversk, injuring two women. Russia again violations of human rights and customs of war. The need for immediate action to protect civilians

On August 13, the Russian military shelled Toreck and Siversk, injuring two women

Ukraine and its allies try to gauge Putin's appetite for war

August 13 Donetsk Oblast became the scene of brutal shelling by Russian military forces, which used artillery, resulting in two women being seriously injured by shrapnel. This situation once again raises concerns about the safety of the civilian population and raises questions about Russia's conduct in the context of international humanitarian law.

Victims of the Civilian Population: Toreck and Siversk wounded in the shelling

According to information provided by the representative of the Donetsk district prosecutor's office, Olena Rudenko, the events took place in Toreck and Siversk. In Torecko, a 20-year-old woman was injured by a shell blast, and in Siwersk, a 71-year-old resident was injured in her own home in an attack. Both victims were transported to the hospital where they are receiving appropriate medical care.

Spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office, Olena Rudenko, stressed that the incident was so serious that the prosecutor's office decided to initiate a pre-trial investigation in accordance with Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This refers to the allegation of violation of the laws and customs of war. This is a step to determine responsibility for the attack on civilians and to investigate whether these actions constitute a clear violation of international norms on the conduct of warfare.

The situation in the conflict areas in the Donbass is becoming more and more complex and threatening due to the continued military operations and violations of human rights. Ukraine reiterates the need to respect international law, including the Geneva Conventions and other norms aimed at protecting civilians in times of armed conflict.

The Critical Role of International Law: The Incident in the Context of Conflict

The increasing number of incidents of force and shelling, such as the one described above, underlines the urgent need for action to stabilize and ensure the safety of residents in conflict-affected areas. It is worth emphasizing that the resolution of this conflict requires the support of the international community.

The conclusion of this incident is clear: there is an urgent need to continue diplomatic efforts and negotiations to end the violence, protect human rights and restore stability to the region. Only through joint actions can we strive to end the suffering of the civilian population and achieve lasting peace and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

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