Olaf Scholz scolds the European Union regarding Ukraine and appeals. "Weapons supplies are insufficient"

, 14:18, 09.01.2024
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Olaf Scholz is urging increased military aid for Ukraine, citing inadequate support from most EU countries against Russian aggression. With US aid stuck in Congress, Scholz calls on EU allies.

Olaf Scholz scolds the European Union regarding Ukraine and appeals. Weapons supplies are insufficient

Olaf Scholz criticizes the EU. It's about helping Ukraine

Olaf Scholz has appealed for increased military aid for Kyiv, stating that most European Union countries are not providing enough assistance to help Ukraine fight against the Russian aggressor. He emphasized that planned arms supplies from most member states are insufficient.

American military aid for Ukraine is currently stalled in Congress, prompting Scholz to call for Europe to intensify its actions for Kyiv. He assured on Monday that the German government would support Kyiv for as long as necessary and urged other European Union countries to do the same.

Despite acknowledging the significance of the German contribution, Scholz emphasized that it alone would not be enough to ensure Ukraine's long-term security. He made these remarks during a joint press conference with the new Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Luc Frieden.

"That is why I call on allies from the European Union to increase their efforts to (support) Ukraine. The deliveries planned by most EU member states are not sufficient"
emphasized the German Chancellor.

Scholz hopes that the EU will agree to a proposed aid package for Ukraine worth EUR 50 billion in February, following its failure in December due to Hungarian opposition. Berlin, being one of the leaders in aid to Kyiv, plans to double its assistance to EUR 8 billion in 2024.

What is happening in Ukraine?

As for the situation in Ukraine, over the past 24 hours, there have been 67 clashes between Ukrainian and Russian troops. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported 55 missile strikes, 22 airstrikes, and 35 artillery shellings by the Russians. More than 130 towns in various regions came under fire, resulting in casualties and injuries among the civilian population. Residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were either destroyed or damaged.

Ukrainian forces, in turn, successfully repelled Russian attacks in the direction of Kupany, Donetsk, and Zaporizhia. Ukrainian aviation managed to destroy 18 Russian cruise missiles, and Ukrainian forces fired rockets, hitting two ammunition warehouses.

Ukrainians compensate for the shortage of artillery ammunition by using small drones

Therefore, the Ukrainians managed to destroy only 18 of over 50 Kh-101/555/55 cruise missiles launched by the Russians. They also destroyed all 8 kamikaze drones launched. Ukrainians ask for anti-aircraft defense at every opportunity.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba emphasized that there are wars in which one side must win and the other side must lose. Russian aggression against Ukraine is just such a war. Ukraine must win. Russia must be defeated. All political thinking should be directed at how to achieve this.

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