Nikopol. A unique Russian superbomber has appeared over region

, 20:41, 23.09.2023
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It turns out that the latest Russian S-70 Okhotnik heavy bomber drone, which is supposed to be invisible to radar, was involved in the latest attack on the Ukrainian city of Nikopol.

Nikopol. A unique Russian superbomber has appeared over region

A unique Russian Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik superbomber appeared over Nikopol

The Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik is the pride of Vladimir Putin himself. This is the latest Russian heavy bomber drone, which is made using stealth technology, i.e. it is supposed to be invisible to radars. The machine is inspired by the iconic American B-2 Spirit bomber, which has been in service with the army for over 30 years.

The Russian drone became famous in 2019 when it made its first test flight accompanied by Russia's newest fighter, the Su-57. It is suggested that the S-70 should be able to cooperate with the aircraft as a "loyal wingman", collecting data for it during joint high-risk missions.

Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik over Nikopol

The first information about the appearance of this bomber drone in Ukraine appeared in the media in June and July of this year. The machine was supposed to be seen in the sky above the Ukrainian city of Sumy. Now we hear that the latest attack on Nikopol involved not only kamikaze drones, but also the S-70 Ochotnik.

This bomber drone is not expected to officially appear in the Russian fleet until next year, but everything indicates that the Kremlin wants to test it in the ongoing war in Ukraine and, if necessary, make further modifications to it. The machine is to have a mass of approximately 20 tons and a wingspan of up to 20 meters. It is not entirely clear how the equipment is powered. Specialists speculate that a single AL-31F turbofan or its improved version used in Su-35S fighters may be installed.

The S-70 Ochotnik is the newest bomber drone

The efficient drive will allow the S-70 Ochotnik to fly at a maximum speed of approximately 1,400 km/h, perform missions over a distance of 6,000 kilometers and climb to an altitude of 10,500 meters. Inside the equipment there are two special chambers carrying guided and unguided ammunition, including: Ch-58USzK anti-radiation missiles, KAB-250 or KAB-500M bombs, Ch-38M missiles or Ch-35 Uran missiles, or Ch-47M2 Kindzhal hypersonic missiles.

The Russian military struck with artillery and drones in the Nikopol area of ​​the Dnipro Region: a child and a man were injured

On 23 September, Russian troops attacked the Nikopol area of ​​Dnipro Region several times. They fired heavy artillery and dropped ammunition from drones. This was announced by the head of the regional military administration, Serhiy Lysak, on his Telegram channel.

A 37-year-old man was injured in Nikopol. He will be treated at home. Several shops, a pharmacy, a cafe, three five-story buildings and a car were damaged.

A 12-year-old boy was injured in the Pershotravnevsk commune in the Nikopol Oblast. He had previously detonated ammunition that the children found and brought home. The injured man is in hospital in a moderate condition. Two private houses and a car were damaged.

“Do not neglect the safety rules yourself, explain them to your sons and daughters. Don't touch suspicious items! If you come across something like this, immediately notify the State Emergency Services or the police," Lysak wrote.

In the Marganiec commune, a farm, a cultural center, two private houses, a farm building and a power line were destroyed. The farmhouse and the dry grass caught fire. The occupation has been eliminated.

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