Mystical places of Odessa: a review of 6 buildings shrouded in mystery and legends

, 13:53, 09.07.2023
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Nestled on the scenic shores of the Black Sea, Odessa is a city steeped in rich history and brimming with enchanting tales. We offer an overview of such mystical places in Odessa.

Mystical places of Odessa: a review of 6 buildings shrouded in mystery and legends

Odessa - seafood, monuments and catacombs. "Real fitness for the imagination"

Nestled on the scenic shores of the Black Sea, Odessa is a city steeped in rich history and brimming with enchanting tales. Its storied past is woven into the very fabric of its streets, beckoning visitors to uncover the secrets of its legendary places. From grand architectural marvels to hidden nooks with intriguing narratives, Odessa's allure lies in its ability to transport you through time.

Embracing a fusion of cultures, Odessa stands as a melting pot of influences from Greek, Ottoman, Russian, and Ukrainian traditions. This amalgamation has birthed a unique atmosphere, where legends are born and tales find their place in the city's folklore.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the tales of Odessa's legendary places, where fact and fiction intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on all who wander through its streets. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of architecture, or a curious traveler seeking the extraordinary, Odessa promises to take you on an adventure like no other.

In every city, some houses are imbued with secrets and legends. These are mainly abandoned buildings, unfinished houses, office buildings. We offer an overview of such mystical places in Odessa.

Odessa Catacombs

Beneath the bustling streets and elegant architecture of Odessa lies a hidden labyrinth shrouded in mystery and intrigue—the Odessa Catacombs. Stretching for hundreds of kilometers, these sprawling underground passageways form a vast network that holds a significant place in the city's history and folklore.

Built over centuries as limestone quarries, the catacombs took on a new purpose during World War II, when they became a refuge for partisans and a shelter for those seeking solace from the horrors above ground. These tunnels witnessed clandestine meetings, acts of bravery, and covert operations, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of Odessa.

Odessa's catacombs are one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The catacombs are about 2 000 kilometers long and run almost all the way under Odessa.

There are stories about the catacombs that their visitors disappeared in the catacombs. It is interesting that these cases happened more than once. There is a legend that once a whole scientific expedition disappeared in the Odessa catacombs.

The most famous case happened in the Odesa catacombs in 2012, when the student Kostyantyn Uspekhov went down into the catacombs, and still did not return, he went missing. Experts say that in the dark, a person loses track of time and can go crazy.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring Odessas Legendary Places

Shevchenko Park

Stepping into Shevchenko Park is like entering a realm of tranquility amidst the vibrant energy of Odessa. But beyond its scenic beauty lies a captivating history that reflects the spirit of the city and the enduring legacy of Taras Shevchenko himself.

Within Shevchenko Park, you'll find the imposing statue of Taras Shevchenko, serving as a symbol of national pride and a reminder of his indomitable spirit. The park also houses an art gallery that showcases works inspired by Shevchenko's poems and the Ukrainian cultural heritage, providing a platform for local artists to celebrate their heritage and share their creations.

Over the years, Shevchenko Park has witnessed moments of celebration, protest, and communal gatherings. It has been a site for cultural events, concerts, and festivals, bringing together people from all walks of life to revel in the arts and embrace the spirit of unity.

A long time ago, there was a cemetery on the territory of the park. Today, some residents of Odessa, walking in the park, see ghosts in it. Obviously, these are restless souls strolling.

There is one particularly interesting story related to Shevchenko Park. An Odesa taxi driver was once “slowed down” by a woman dressed in clothes from past centuries and asked to take her to French Boulevard. Instead of money, the woman handed the taxi driver a diamond. According to the hero of this story, outwardly she was very similar to Sonka Golden Handle.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring Odessas Legendary Places

Zhevakhova Mountain

Жевахова гора (Zhevakhova Hora) is indeed a prominent location in Odessa, Ukraine. Also known as Zhevakhov Hill, it holds historical significance and offers breathtaking views of the city and the Black Sea. Here's an overview of the history and significance of Zhevakhova.

Zhevakhova Hora derives its name from the Odessan merchant Zhevakhov, who owned the hill in the 19th century. The hill itself is a natural elevation located in the center of the city. Over time, it has witnessed various transformations and played different roles in Odessa's development. Zhevakhova Hora holds a special place in the hearts of Odessans as a symbol of their city. It represents both the historical roots and the modern spirit of Odessa, showcasing the fusion of tradition and progress that defines the city's identity.

Zhevakhova Hora is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike seeking relaxation and outdoor activities. The park surrounding the hill offers walking paths, benches, and shaded areas, providing a serene escape from the bustling city below.

Many years ago in this place was an ancient Greek sanctuary. In such cult places, a strong energy usually remains, which is felt by other generations later for many centuries. Yes, our contemporaries who climbed the mountain feel radiation.

Suicides have occurred on Zhevakhova Hora several times in different years. UFOs were seen here at one time. Even ufologists believe that there is a beacon for alien flying saucers in these places.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring Odessas Legendary Places

Preobrazhensky Park

Preobrazhensky Park, also known as Park of the Transfiguration, is a charming green space located in the heart of Odessa, Ukraine. With its serene atmosphere and picturesque surroundings, the park has become a beloved destination for both locals and visitors.

Preobrazhensky Park is a testament to the harmonious blend of natural beauty, architectural splendor, and cultural significance. Whether you seek solace in its peaceful atmosphere, wish to explore its architectural treasures, or simply want to immerse yourself in the local community, a visit to Preobrazhensky Park is sure to provide a delightful experience in Odessa.

A long time ago, there was a Christian cemetery in the Transfiguration Park area, the first in Odessa. The remains of people buried here are still founding today.

It is interesting that almost all the mayors of Odessa were buried in this cemetery. Among them are Langeron, Count Pototsky, Count Tolstoy, Marazli. Contemporaries say they see ghosts in this park. Perhaps it is Odessa influential people of past centuries who want to check how modern Odessans live.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring Odessas Legendary Places

Chumka Mountain

Mount Chumka is one of the most mystical places in Odessa. At one time there was a cemetery here, where victims of the plague epidemic were buried. In the 30s of the 19th century, the plague took a huge number of townspeople to their graves. This cemetery was filled with garbage, where trees were later planted. And this is how, by the way, they fought the plague in Kyiv.

It is believed that even today you cannot touch anything that is on this mountain, there is a possible risk of contracting the plague. However, thrill-seekers, esotericists, shamans, and local witches regularly come here to investigate the paranormal phenomena that occur here.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring Odessas Legendary Places



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