Ministry of Justice. In the first half of 2023, over 4,000 Ukrainians changed their names

, 21:44, 22.08.2023
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According to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in the first half of this year, 4,049 Ukrainians changed their name, surname, or patronymic.

Ministry of Justice. In the first half of 2023, over 4,000 Ukrainians changed their names

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

In a recent announcement by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, it was revealed that during the first half of the year 2023, a total of 4,049 Ukrainians chose to exercise their right to change their name, surname, or patronymic.

The Ministry of Justice shared this information via its official Facebook page, shedding light on the evolving naming landscape within Ukraine. The report stated that these changes encompassed alterations to both name and surname, as well as the often-overlooked patronymic. Notably, this count excluded those individuals who had opted for a surname change during the state registration of marriage.

A Decreasing Trend in Name Changes

While this number may seem significant, it's essential to consider the broader context. The Ministry pointed out that, compared to previous years, the inclination towards name changes appears to be on a declining trajectory. To put this into perspective, let's take a brief journey through time.

In the year 2002, Ukraine witnessed a substantial surge in name changes, with a staggering 30 054 000 relevant entries in legal acts. However, by 2021, this number had reduced to 15 862 000, indicating a noticeable drop in the fervor for altering one's name.

Notably, the year 2022 witnessed a distinct preference among Ukrainian citizens for changing their surnames. A total of 6 753 individuals took advantage of this option, marking it as the year of significant surname transformations.

Stanislava Lytvynenko's Unique Choice

On August 15th, a noteworthy event made headlines across the nation. Lyudmyla Lytvynenko, a Ukrainian citizen, proudly shared on her Facebook page that her 16-year-old daughter, Stanislava Lytvynenko, had made a groundbreaking choice. Stanislava had decided to enter her matronymic name in her official documents, replacing her patronymic name.

This decision was significant not only for the Lytvynenko family but potentially for Ukraine as a whole, as Stanislava became one of the first girls in the country to adopt her mother's surname.

In Ukrainian culture, names carry deep cultural and familial significance. They often reflect the family's heritage, values, and history. A shift in naming traditions, such as Stanislava's choice to embrace her mother's surname, can be seen as a symbolic move towards greater gender equality and a modernization of naming conventions.

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