Media: the Ukrainian army has captured Pyatichatki, this may facilitate the counter-offensive

, 17:54, 18.06.2023
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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken control of Pyatichatki in the Zaporizhia region. This may facilitate a further counter-offensive. The portal “Ukrainian Pravda” reported that fact.

Media: the Ukrainian army has captured Pyatichatki, this may facilitate the counter-offensive

"Hurricane" attack of Ukrainian forces. The Russians admit losses

The portal “Ukrainian Pravda” reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of the village of Pyatichatki in the Zaporizhia region. The site refers not only to its own data, but also to messages from the enemy's headquarters.

Similar information comes from the enemy headquarters. The governor of the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region also reported that Pyatichatki is under the control of Ukrainian forces. On his Telegram channel, he claims that the “hurricane-force” attacks of the Ukrainian forces resulted in the capture of the town.

He also stated that the reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces - a large number of infantry and several units of armored vehicles had moved to Pyatichatki.

The governor, who is loyal to Moscow, also expressed his fear that the capture of Pyatichatki could open the way for the Ukrainian army to capture Zherebianka and Wasylivka, Ukrainska Pravda wrote.

As a military columnist for the British Guardian notes, if this information is confirmed, Piatihatki will be the first village liberated by Ukrainian troops in almost a week. It will also mean the escalation and direction of the counter-offensive towards Crimea, which is likely to be the most heavily defended by the Russians.

Media: the Ukrainian army has captured Pyatichatki

Ukraine's counter-offensive

Ukrainian forces continued to conduct counter-offensive operations on at least three sectors of the front and reportedly made progress, the US Institute of War Research (ISW) said in a Saturday report.

According to the Ukrainian general staff, effective operations were to be carried out south-west of Bakhmut in the area of ​​Stupoczki, in the west of the Donetsk region in the Wuhledar region, and in the west of the Zaporozhye region.

Referring to the available recordings, the location of which has been confirmed, the Institute of Internal Affairs estimates that the Ukrainians made limited local progress in the area of ​​Yahidne near Bakhmut. In turn, Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian troops continued their attacks to the northwest, west and south-west of Bakhmut.

In addition, according to Russian “war bloggers”, the Ukrainians were to continue their attacks on Russian positions south of Velyka Novosilka in the Donetsk region and south-west of Orikhov in the Zaporizhia region, and made progress in the central part of the Zaporizhzhia region near the village of Hulaypole.

Explosions in Russian warehouses

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat confirmed on Sunday that the army carried out an attack on a Russian ammunition depot in the town of Rykovo near Henichesk, in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine.

The spokesman mentioned the name of the town of Partyzany; the Interfax Ukraine agency reports that this was Rykowo's former name. Ihnat stressed that the more “detonations of enemy warehouses”, the less ammunition Russia will be able to direct against Ukrainian troops.

Earlier on Sunday, a representative of the authorities of the Odessa region, Serhiy Bratchuk, informed about the explosions in Rykovo in the Henicz region (district) and indicated that it was a “very large ammunition depot” of the Russian troops. Then the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, General Mykola Oleszczuk, praised the attack made in Partizan, but did not inform what was the purpose of the strike.


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