Massive attack on Ukraine. Russia used hypersonic weapons

, 20:11, 13.01.2024
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On Friday night, Russia launched a massive air attack on Ukraine, using 40 missiles and drones, including hypersonic ones. Kyiv claims to have shot down eight, with over half missing targets.

Massive attack on Ukraine. Russia used hypersonic weapons

40 Russian missiles and drones fell on Ukrainian cities on the night from Friday to Saturday

On the night from Friday to Saturday, the Russians carried out another massive air attack on Ukraine. The reports indicate that Moscow used a total of 40 missiles and drones, including modern hypersonic missiles. According to Kyiv, the military managed to shoot down eight of them. The Kremlin claims the attack targeted Ukraine's "military-industrial complex", and the operation was deemed a success.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that Russia used various weapons in the attacks, including hypersonic missiles. It was noted that more than half of the missiles failed to reach their targets.

As of now, there is no information on any fatalities. In the northeastern region of Sumy, a Russian missile injured one civilian and damaged 26 buildings. In Poltava, an unexploded bomb fell into the yard of a residential house.

It was another restless night in Ukraine

Kremlin stated that the goal of targeting the Ukrainian "military-industrial complex" had been achieved.

The statement published on Saturday asserted that the targets included production sites for missiles, gunpowder, and drones. Moscow claims that the attack was successful, resulting in the destruction of all targets, as reported by AFP.

The massive attack triggered the activation of the Polish air defense system

The Operational Command of the Armed Forces stated in a release that, due to the "increased activity of long-range aviation of the Russian Federation", fighters were scrambled on Saturday morning. The planes returned to base before 10 a.m. "due to reducing the level of threat".

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