Lieutenant General reveals tactics behind Ukrainian Air Force's record-breaking success

, 13:03, 25.12.2023
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Latest developments in the conflict, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Air Force achieves a historic milestone by setting a world record for the simultaneous destruction of three advanced Russian Su-34.

Lieutenant General reveals tactics behind Ukrainian Air Forces record-breaking success

The rout of Russian bombers. They lost three Su-34s

Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko stated that the destruction of three Russian Su-34s would compel the invaders to alter their tactics toward the south.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' Air Force has achieved a world record by destroying five aircraft in battle, surpassing the previous record set by Israel (4 planes). With three Su-34s already eliminated, the occupiers are expected to reconsider their strategies. Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, founder of the “Let's Close the Sky of Ukraine” charitable foundation, shared this insight on the FREEDOM TV channel.

The Su-34 fighter bombers, destroyed by Ukrainian troops in the southern direction the day before, have not been included in the Russian army's loss statistics for an extended period. The success was attributed to a well-planned operation, including what Romanenko described as a "trap".

"First of all, this is an important indicator from the point of view of the simultaneous destruction of such numerous targets. We can remember with dignity that the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has so far set a world record by destroying five aircraft in combat at once. Previously, the record was four from the Israelis. Now three were destroyed. That in itself says a lot"
Romanenko said.

Romanenko highlighted the significance of simultaneously destroying a substantial number of targets. He praised the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for setting a world record, emphasizing the prowess of their accomplishment. The enemy Su-34s, classified as generation "4++" are known for their high cost and relative novelty.

How we managed to destroy the enemy's Su-34: details from an expert 

Regarding the destruction of the Su-34s, Romanenko explained that the Ukrainian military meticulously prepared for the operation, likely employing an ambush strategy or a medium-to-long-range complex such as Patriot or SAMP/T.

The expert stated: “They destroyed an aerodynamic target, an enemy aircraft, and not just one, but several. This is due to their extended range of action, having studied the nature of the enemy's actions in previous stages, causing us significant trouble”.

Romanenko recalled a previous incident where a Russian plane was destroyed, possibly also from an ambush. With three Su-34s now eliminated, he anticipated that the Russians would pause, reassess their approach, and potentially change their tactics in the southern region.

It is worth noting that the operation to thwart the approaching enemy was planned by the Air Force commander, Nikolai Oleszczuk, who had previously reported the destruction of the Su-34. Oleschuk described the successful action of Ukrainian fighters as an immediate response to the enemy's message found on one of the "Shaheds" shot down at night.

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