Kyrylo Budanov knows who poisoned his wife. He announces retaliation

, 20:58, 17.02.2024
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General Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, believes he knows who poisoned his wife, Marianna Budanov. In an interview with "Libération", he stated that she is feeling better now.

Kyrylo Budanov knows who poisoned his wife. He announces retaliation

Kyrylo Budanov

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, General Kyrylo Budanov, claims that he knows who poisoned his wife, Marianna Budanov. He returned to the issue from a few months ago during an interview with "Libération". The military man also revealed how his wife feels now.

On Thursday, Libération published an interview with the head of Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), General Kyrylo Budanov. One of the topics of the interview for the French daily was the case of Marianna Budanov's heavy metal poisoning, which occurred in November last year.

The military man reported that his wife was feeling better. He is convinced that she was the victim of poisoning. He admitted that he still wonders whether the target of this attack was himself. "I have already survived many trials and I will probably survive many more," Budanov revealed.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence was asked if he knew who was responsible for the poisoning of his wife. He replied, "Of course I know".

He did not point out the culprit directly, but his further statement left no doubt as to whom he meant. "I think that in the near future there will be retaliatory actions on Russian territory, and everyone will understand it", said the general.

Marianna Budanov was not the only one affected

Let us recall that, along with Marianna Budanov, several other high-ranking HUR employees were also poisoned. As HUR spokesman Andriy Yusov explained, these were not people who protected Budanov's wife.

The Interfax-Ukraine agency, citing intelligence data, reported that the substances detected were not commonly used in the military or everyday life. "Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison a given person", it said.

Ukrainian media then claimed that the target was probably her husband. He is the youngest head of the secret services in the history of Ukraine, having become the head of HUR in August 2020.

Russian media also recalled that the court in Moscow issued an arrest warrant in absentia for Kyrylo Budanov on charges of "organizing terrorist attacks in Russia."

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