"Indirectly Gachi": warn of shelling and thereby save lives in Nikopol and the area

, 14:02, 14.04.2023
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Telegram channel "Indirectly Gachi", they write in advance about the shelling of the Nikopol district, help the partisans of Energodar and created the Gachi Alarm application.

Indirectly Gachi: warn of shelling and thereby save lives in Nikopol and the area

Indirectly Gachi: warn of shelling and save lives (Gachi Defence)

The famous in Ukraine Telegram channel Indirectly Gachi (formerly Gachi Defence) has been writing about the war for a year, reports in advance about the shelling of the Nikopol district, rallies people to help the Energodar partisans. On top of that, the channel team recently created an app Alert Gachi, especially for the Nikopol district due to the threat of attacks by MLRS and barrel artillery of the enemy.

Thanks to the activity of the channel, it can be affirmatively said that in almost a year of shelling, warnings helped to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives in Nikopol and the region.

What should you know about the "Neposredstvenno Gachi" channel?

Indirectly Gachi: warn of shelling and save lives

Recently, more and more Ukrainians have been using the Telegram messenger to receive operational information about air strikes, shelling, arrivals of Russian missiles and the situation at the front. This has led to an increase in the number of news Telegram channels, which operate 24 hours a day and often provide important news faster than conventional media.

How and why was the Gachi channel created?

They, like other important channels of the country, work in a complex information environment, where the main task is to quickly and accurately collect and distribute news about the enemy's movements and events on the other side of the Dnieper, where the occupiers are sitting. Calm the people in the occupied Energodar, not forgetting to help the partisans who are waiting for the enemy.

The owners of popular Telegram channels work in wartime. And this makes a big correction in their activity. They talk about their work, how they gather information and how they deal with burnout right in the channel. This also applies to Neposredstvenno Gachi channel.

Why is Gachi's work important?

Since these people cooperate with the Ukrainian special services, their real names cannot be named. This is an anonymous military channel created for communication with residents of the Nikopol district. At the same time, Gachi are interesting callsigns that are immediately remembered by subscribers. It is also important to understand that the creators of the channel are associates of the official, the Head of the Nikopol RVA - Yevhen Yevtushenko. Therefore, you can really trust the information on the channel and at the same time see the reports of the military forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the extermination of the occupiers.

Channel  Непосредственно Gachi (~85 thousand subscribers), specializes in monitoring the hostile activities of the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories on the southern side of the Dnieper, previously and others notifies residents of Nikopol, Marganets and Nikopol district about the threat and carries out OSINT surveillance.

Approach to the audience

About the Telegram channel: The motivation to create the channel was the first weeks of shelling of Nikopol and previous events related to the occupation of Energodar. Ukrainians, in the hot spots, remember the confusion and fear at the beginning of a full-scale invasion. At the same time, the first months of the war were quite quiet in Nikopol. But when the air alarms sounded at the missile threat, and were silent - when the enemy on the other side of the Dnieper began shelling Nikopol, and the shock waves from the explosions shook the houses, something had to be done.

Therefore, the creators of the channels realized that they had to help people and warn of the threat: what kind of equipment is firing, where and where it is going, in order to work ahead and help ordinary citizens in Nikopol, who were extremely difficult.

Know everything about the enemy

At the same time that "Hradi" began to cover Nikopol from Energodar and other places on the other bank of the Dnipro, people often became victims of Russian disinformation, which we all now know as IPSO. Chaos in the information space and lack of information about modern weapons prevented people from reacting to the danger properly. That's why Nemesredstvenno Gachi channel helped the locals to understand the processes that actually took place and also to counter information attacks of the enemy and with the help of people, to identify traitors.

This motivated the creators of the channel and subscribers to understand, learn and warn others about the shelling in advance.

About searching for information: Since the beginning of their activity, they rely on OSINT data (intelligence from open sources, in particular with the help of locals in various corners). In need of more accurate data, Gachi also resort to their own observation and search for information on the radio, etc.

Constant monitoring of the situation requires considerable effort for the partisans and administrators of Neposredstvenno Gacha, including time and attention, sometimes, as they say, 24/7. They have operational information both from within the country and from the protected territories every minute. Typically, they listen to two to ten radio waves on various radio stations from morning to night, and also receive messages from operational sources and informants working for the military. As for the number of channels in various social networks that they monitor, it is difficult to say - there may be more than a thousand of them.

About the team: Gachi created and runs the channel on his own, but over time there was a need to delegate tasks and new sources of information. Fortunately, there are always people ready to help. The people who help me are not busy with it full time, but from time to time, when they have the opportunity. These can be both simple tasks, such as monitoring the chat where subscribers communicate, and more complex levels to ensure the further possibility of informing people about the enemy on the other side of the Dnieper.

Indeed, this is not a typical job: to inform in advance about the shelling, to counter the IPSO, to help the partisans, and so on. They can be considered a voluntary association (which helps Nikopol RVA), and not a professional team. Directly, Gachi work with enthusiasm, because they believe that this is their and our civic duty in this difficult time. Indeed, if we can help people in this difficult time, we should.

About the work schedule: With the beginning of a full-scale war, Neposredstvenno Gachi have practically no break in work. This is obviously a difficult experience that cannot be obtained in the conditions of peaceful life, because you need to be constantly in the focus of attention. Unfortunately, the war knows no breaks, weekends and nights, so Gachi and the others have to work non-stop.

They go to bed when there is relative silence in the area, no rocket shells are flying along the Dnieper, no enemy drones or rotorcraft are flying. But they always leave the control means of communication on.

Sometimes people even write a message that the Neposredstvenno Gacha channel is run by a bot with automatic settings. Because the readers thought that it was impossible for a person to work like that - that's funny.

About burnout: In fact, burnout does happen, but Gachi always mentions that it is not a matter of choice. Everyone in the country is fighting, and their activities are only one of the contributions that Ukrainians make to achieve a common victory. In this case - locally on a section of the free Nikopol district, as well as temporarily occupied Energodar and nearby settlements.

About fundraising for partisans and the military: Directly, the Gachas almost immediately determined for themselves that they would approach the issue of raising funds for the military extremely carefully. Often the collection can be "secret", unlike in other parts of the country, but the result can then be seen and felt by all residents of the Nikopol district.

The Gachis directly collect funds to support the proven military of the Nikopol RVA and partisans of the Energodar region, using already recommended local figures, which provides a guarantee that the collected funds will be used for the necessary things with clear reporting, which can be seen from the "work" on the disposal of the occupiers on the other sides of the Dnieper. The Gachas are directly in contact with representatives of the Nikopol RVA, such as Yevhen Yevtushenko, so people have complete trust in them.

About the "Gachi Alarm" application for the Nikopol district

The principle of operation is simple for any resident of the district who has installed the application. But there is a specification, given the long and frequent shelling of the area by the enemy.

Messages are divided into 3 stages:

  1. Moving equipment - you receive this message if our eyes detect movement on the shore of Energodar, which may threaten our shore,
  2. Alert - inclusion of an alarm for a certain TG for whom an alarm may exist,
  3. Fly away - if the enemy opens fire, the departure messages will tell you about it in advance and you will have 20-60 seconds to take cover (depends on the location of the enemy's firing point).

You can download the application through the Playmarket using this link - DOWNLOAD, or by typing in the playmarket search "Тривога Gachi" or by downloading the program's installation file in this post directly in the Neposredstvenno Gachi channel. 

The application is constantly being updated and fixed so that it can be used more conveniently and always be safe. 



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