In Zaporozhye, the SBU reported the suspicion of three Ukrainian citizens who held "positions" in the occupation authorities

, 20:03, 18.08.2023
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SB employees informed about the suspicion of collaboration between three residents of the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhia Oblast, who voluntarily collaborated with the Russia.

In Zaporozhye, the SBU reported the suspicion of three Ukrainian citizens who held positions in the occupation authorities

SBU made a good work in Zaporozhye

This was announced today, on August 18, by the Zaporizhia Regional Military Administration, citing the SBU.

The findings of the investigation show that the suspects are actively involved in organizing and carrying out propaganda campaigns in which they campaign in support of the occupation regime of the Russian Federation, and also helped to conduct an illegal referendum.

In particular, the chairman of one of the Tokmak condominiums received the post of deputy chairman of the "Military Civil Administration of the Molochansky Municipal Administration of the Pologovsky District":

"The suspect, knowing about the abandoned apartments in his condominium, moved Russian soldiers there".

The second suspect is a woman who has become the village headman. Botiev, the village of Stroganovka and the village of Babanivka, and before its appointment, it sold consumer goods:

"After the occupation of Melitopol, she began to support the arrival of the 'liberators' and actively manifested her pro-Russian position."

Another suspect is a resident of the village of Bogdanovka, who was appointed mayor of the villages of Bogdanovka and Stepaniwka Dobra:

"As a private entrepreneur, he helped the occupier in every possible way, including providing food, building materials and equipment to equip the fortifications on the front line," the Security Service of Ukraine reported.

Part 5 of Art. 111-1 (voluntary occupation by a citizen of Ukraine of a position related to the performance of organizational-administrative or administrative-economic functions in illegal bodies established in the temporarily occupied territory, including in the occupation administration of the aggressor state) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The sanction under this article provides for imprisonment of up to ten years with confiscation of property.


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