In Ukraine, deputies and officials were banned from traveling abroad

, 22:28, 26.07.2023
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An instruction was sent to the posts of all border guards of Ukraine prohibiting all officers and deputies from traveling abroad. Now anyone attempting to cross the border must stop at the border.

In Ukraine, deputies and officials were banned from traveling abroad

In Ukraine, deputies and officials were banned from traveling abroad

Oleksiy Honcharenko, a people's deputy from the “European Solidarity” party, reported this, citing his own sources.

He stated that now anyone wishing to cross the border had to stop at the border and “wait for permission” from the President's Office.

“In principle, now Andriy Yermak personally allows or blocks the departure of officials and deputies over the phone,” believes Goncharenko.

The travel ban for MPs and officials is intended to prevent potential threats to national security and to maintain cohesion and unity in the country in the face of external aggression. The government stresses that the citizens of Ukraine must now more than ever stand together to face a common threat.

All hands on deck

The President of Ukraine explained that this decision was taken at a meeting of the National Security Council, taking into account the information of the head of the State Border Guard on crossing the border of Ukraine under martial law.

In response to the ongoing war with Russia, Ukrainian MPs and officials were banned from traveling abroad. This decision was announced by the Kiev government in order to strengthen the control and security of the country in the face of an escalating conflict with Russia.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stressed that the ban applies to all members of parliament and officials at various levels of state administration. This is to avoid possible escape attempts by people associated with the authorities in the country during the crisis related to Russian aggression.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation on the front is extremely tense, and hostilities are being conducted in various regions of the country. The Ukrainian authorities are taking all possible measures to strengthen the country's defenses and secure its borders.

Currently, the ban on traveling abroad has been introduced temporarily and will remain in force until further notice or until the situation at the front stabilizes. The government of Ukraine emphasizes that this is a difficult decision, but necessary in the face of the current crisis.

All citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their social position, are now being mobilized to support the country in various ways to resist Russian aggression. Numerous charity events, collections for military purposes and collections of funds to help war victims are organized. While Ukrainian MPs and officials remain focused on domestic matters, the international community continues to support Ukraine and condemn Russia's aggression as a violation of the state's sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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