In Poland soldiers are looking for a rocket fuse. The helicopter lost it while patrolling the border with Belarus

, 10:53, 10.08.2023
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The Polish Army is looking for a rocket fuse lost during a combat flight near the border with Belarus. This is the result of the latest communiqué of the High Command of the Polish Armed Forces.

In Poland soldiers are looking for a rocket fuse. The helicopter lost it while patrolling the border with Belarus

The Polish military announced on Thursday that the fuse for the missile was missing. The rocket element was lost during a combat flight in the area of ​​the border with Belarus, over the Białowieża Forest. Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak is surprised by the event and talks about sloppiness. He is accompanied by Colonel Piotr Lewandowski.

The military ensures that the facility poses no threat to humans. According to RMF FM, the helicopters took off from the Krivlany airport near Bialystok and headed towards operations along the border with Belarus.

We would like to inform you that at the border with Belarus, the Polish Army is carrying out intensive activities with the use of specialized equipment to ensure security. On Tuesday, after the end of combat flights, one of the helicopters carrying out patrols in the border area was found missing a fuse in one of the missiles, the command said in a statement.

Although the armed forces are relatively reluctant to report similar incidents, in this case, a statement has been issued. Awakening many guesses and comments at the same time.

A helicopter "lost" a missile fuse: they are looking for it

The High Command of the Polish Armed Forces was informed on the morning of August 10 that the Polish Army was conducting intensive operations using special equipment near the border with Belarus to ensure security.

However, the military has not been able to find the detonator on their own, so if anyone finds the item, they are asked to mark its location and notify the nearest military unit or police.

The Polish Army emphasizes that the detonator has built-in safeguards and does not pose a threat to the environment. The Polish Armed Forces added that such situations may take place, for example, in Afghanistan, where there have been cases of equipment disappearing after combat flights.

Poland have lost a rocket fuse. Gen. Skrzypczak: incredible

Poland almost doubles the size of its army

Protection of borders and internal security is the duty of the state, which is why the Polish government is strengthening the military potential of the country. Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński previously said that the Polish army, which had three divisions, will now have six, reports Polish Radio 24.

"In recent decades, at least potentially, the areas east of the Vistula were the most dangerous and such that, according to some concepts of NATO's eastern flank, they should simply be left, handed over to the enemy, and only then counterattack and return," emphasized Kaczynski.

Now the authorities want to strengthen the Polish-Belarusian border. - Our army, which previously consisted of only three divisions, will now consist of six, and later, perhaps, a reserve division will also appear - said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak added that today the Polish Army has 172 000 soldiers. In the future, there will be 300 000 of them. 

On the one hand, it's a big change, but it still seems to us that it's definitely not enough when a conflict starts.


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