In Germany, the ruling coalition plans to double military aid to Ukraine in 2024

, 17:55, 12.11.2023
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In a recent development, the ruling coalition in Germany has solidified its commitment to supporting Ukraine by reaching an agreement to double military aid to the country, totaling EUR 8 billions.

In Germany, the ruling coalition plans to double military aid to Ukraine in 2024

In Germany, the ruling coalition plans to double aid to Ukraine

The ruling coalition in Germany has reached an agreement to double military aid to Ukraine to EUR 8 billion in 2024. Reuters reported this, citing sources in Berlin.

As the agency's interlocutors noted, legislators from the Social Democrats, Free Democratic Party and Greens agreed to the increase military aid for Ukraine during the discussion on the federal budget for 2024.

A meeting of the Bundestag budget committee is scheduled for November 16.

Reuters sources said that if approved by parliament, where the coalition of parties has a majority, Germany's defense spending would increase to 2.1% of GDP. In this way, they will exceed the minimum spending threshold for relevant needs established for NATO members.

Military aid from Germany

Germany has played a significant role in providing military aid for Ukraine, reflecting its commitment to global security and stability. With a robust and modern armed forces, Germany has actively engaged in supporting allied nations and participating in peacekeeping missions.

The country's contributions range from supplying military equipment and technology to providing training and expertise. Germany's commitment to collaborative defense efforts underscores its dedication to fostering peace and addressing security challenges in Ukraine.

  • On July 11, during the NATO summit, Pistorius said that Germany had provided Ukraine with a military aid package worth a total of approximately EUR 700 million.
  • On August 9, Germany announced the transfer of two Patriot anti-aircraft missile launchers, on August 17 - two IRIS-T system launchers, and on August 30 - 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks.
  • On September 5, it turned out that Germany had transferred ammunition for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine, which had just been produced on the restored line.
  • On October 2, Germany announced another military aid package for Ukraine. Contains off-road vehicles, Leopard tank radios, Biber bridge builder, ammunition and military components.
  • On October 10, Germany announced a military aid package for Kyiv worth a total of approximately EUR 1 billion, which includes air defense systems, ten Leopard 1A5 tanks, three Gepard anti-aircraft guns, twenty medical vehicles and 15 armored vehicles.
  • On October 13, Germany announced a new defense assistance package that includes 4 Bandvagn 206 (BV206) off-road vehicles, 82 SatCom systems, 4 border guard vehicles, 50 drone detection systems and more.
  • On October 20, the German government transferred another three GEPARD anti-aircraft guns, almost 4,000 155 mm ammunition, drones and other equipment.

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