In Dnipro, search operations at the site of the Russian missile hit have been completed

, 18:12, 29.07.2023
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In Dnipro, where yesterday a Russian rocket hit an apartment building, the search ended. The number of victims of the attack has not changed and is 9 people. A total of six buildings were damaged.

In Dnipro, search operations at the site of the Russian missile hit have been completed

Putin missiles hit Dnipro apartment block as children injured

A total of six buildings were damaged, including two skyscrapers. The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that the Russians used two Iskander-M ballistic missiles to strike.

Nine people were injured in the attack. Among them are two children - 14 and 17 years old. More people could have been injured, residents say. The house that was affected by "arrival" was brand new. People did not have time to settle down. Employees of the State Rescue Service completed search and rescue operations in a multi-story building. This was announced by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serhiy Lysak.

“In Dnipro, the number of victims has not changed. 9 people, including two children. In addition to the attacked administrative buildings and skyscrapers, we also have damage. There are 4 apartment buildings around. One is a skyscraper, the others are two-story. 3 administrative buildings and 7 cars were also affected,” he wrote.

In the Nikopol region and the municipality of Marganets came under enemy fire. The consequences are being clarified, but as Lysak informed, no one was injured.

The mayor of the Dnieper, Boris Filatov, commented on his Telegram channel on the statements of the owners of the "Geneva" residential complex after the Russian missile attack.

"Of course, we will take care of each owner of a destroyed house and try to help," Filatov wrote.

The scale of the damage turned out to be greater than previously reported

According to Lysak, the rescuers completed the search and rescue operation after three o'clock in the morning - power workers were involved. As a result of the attack on the residential complex, numerous damages were recorded, but the greatest damage was caused by the Russians to one house.

There was no air alert prior to the explosions. This is probably related to the use of ballistic missiles by Russia, which the Air Force of the Armed Forces had warned about before the explosions. There they discussed the threat of using ballistic weapons for the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

According to preliminary information from the head of OVA, Serhiy Lysak, the terrorist state of Russia attacked the city with two Iskander missiles.

The fire in the administration building was extinguished overnight. A fire in the SBU building was also extinguished.

In Dnipro, search operations at the site have been finished

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