In Dnipro, 35 streets were renamed, the names of which were associated with Russia

, 12:55, 22.06.2023
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35 streets and other city toponyms, the names of which were associated with rashka, were de-Russified. Another streets were renamed for the second time.

In Dnipro, 35 streets were renamed, the names of which were associated with Russia

Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro, a city nestled along the banks of the mighty Dnieper River, has long been a cradle of history and culture in Ukraine. Steeped in a rich tapestry of traditions and narratives, the city has recently embarked on a transformative journey—a process of renaming its streets that reflects a desire to redefine its identity, honor historical figures, and forge a new path forward.

With every street bearing its own tale, the decision to rename carries profound implications. It is a delicate balance between preserving a city's heritage and embracing change—a reflection of the evolving values and aspirations of its inhabitants. The significance of this endeavor extends far beyond mere signposts and addresses; it speaks to the soul of Dnipro and the collective memory of its people.

Decommunization and de-Russification continues

In recent years, Dnipro has witnessed a resurgence of civic engagement and a desire to reconnect with the city's past. The renaming of streets has become a catalyst for dialogue, debate, and introspection. Through this process, forgotten heroes of the past are resurrected, and new voices emerge to shape the city's narrative.

In Dnipro, the names of 36 streets were changed. The decision was made at a session of the city council.

35 streets and other city toponyms whose names were related to the Russian Federation were de-Russified. Another street was renamed for the second time.

The information was distributed in the press service of the Dnipro City Council. Toponyms are renamed in honor of outstanding Ukrainian scientists, writers, public figures, athletes and modern heroes of the country, or historical names are returned:

  • Agnia Barto Street (Samara district) — the street of Ivan Bagryany, a famous Ukrainian poet, novelist and political activist who, despite everything, created and worked during the harsh repressions in the Soviet Union;
  • Akademika Obraztsova street (AND, Industrial district) — Zrazkova street;
  • Anadyrska street (AND district) — Dvorichna street;
  • Arzhanova Street (AND district) — the street of Yevhen Chikalenko, a Ukrainian public figure and philanthropist, who was also one of the initiators of the convocation of the Central Rada;
  • Bazhova street (AND district) — Eneida street;
  • Krylova street (AND district) — Krylivska street;
  • Lermontova Street (AND District) — Marusi Churai Street, the Ukrainian songstress of the Cossack era;
  • Lermontova Street (Novokodatsky District) — Boplanivska Street; Lermontova Lane (Novokodatskyi District) — Boplanivskyi Lane;
  • Matros Koshka street (Soborny district) — Dykanska street; Narymska street (Checheliv district) — Alla Horska street, Ukrainian artist and dissident of the 1960s generation;
  • Novopaveletska street (Chechelivsky district) — Platnirivska street;
  • Onezka street (AND district) — Krolevetska street;
  • Permsky lane (Soborny district) — Zozulin lane;
  • Rybinsky lane (Shevchenkivsky district) — Spokoy lane;
  • Rybinsky 1st dead end (Shevchenkivsky district) — Shtylovy dead end;
  • Rybinsky cul-de-sac 2nd (Shevchenkivsky district) — Magnolia cul-de-sac;
  • Ryleeva street (AND, Industrial district) — the street of Ivan Ohienko, known in Ukraine and abroad as a political, public, and church figure — Metropolitan Hilarion;
  • Rum'yantseva street (Shevchenkivsky district) — the street of Georgy Narbut, a native graphic artist and designer of Ukrainian hryvnia banknotes of the UNR era;
  • Syzranska street (AND district) — Vatazhkova street;
  • Tobolska street (AND district) — Tavanska street;
  • Tolstoy dead end (Shevchenkiv district) — Comet dead end;
  • Turgeneva Street (AND district) — Fastivska Street;
  • Khalkhingolska street (Samarsky district) — Ust-Samarska street.



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