How to liberate Crimea? "You don't have to wait long." There are forecasts for the Crimean Bridge

, 21:52, 06.02.2024
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Ukraine's military strategists emphasize the critical need for air superiority in reclaiming Crimea. They assert that dominating the skies is essential for success.

How to liberate Crimea? You dont have to wait long. There are forecasts for the Crimean Bridge

When will Crimea be liberated?

Ukraine's quest for air superiority to reclaim Crimea is gaining traction among military officials, who assert that control of the skies is pivotal in any liberation effort. Commander Oleksiy Neyizhpapy of the Ukrainian Navy boldly predicts the demise of the Crimean Bridge, a strategic lifeline for Russia, by the end of 2024. Such assertions underscore a growing sentiment within Ukrainian military circles regarding the importance of aerial dominance.

Yuri Ihnat, spokesperson for the Air Force Command, echoes Neyizhpapy's sentiments, stressing the necessity of leveraging advanced weaponry and technology to secure air superiority. Highlighting the challenges posed by Russian air defenses, Ihnat emphasizes the strategic significance of deploying long-range weapons to weaken enemy positions and pave the way for potential airborne operations.

The anticipated arrival of F-16 fighters, as hinted by Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren, could bolster Ukraine's arsenal with their extensive range of munitions, including ATACMS, Storm Shadow, SCALP, and TAURUS cruise missiles. Such acquisitions would potentially enhance Ukraine's capacity to engage Russian forces effectively and advance its territorial goals.

When will the Crimean bridge be damaged?

However, military expert Colonel Vladislav Seleznyov offers a more cautious perspective, noting the uncertainty surrounding the timeline for receiving crucial military equipment, such as Taurus and ATACMS missiles, from key allies like Germany and the United States. The availability of these high-powered munitions could significantly influence Ukraine's ability to inflict substantial damage on the Crimean Bridge, a linchpin of Russian control over the region.

Amidst discussions about the feasibility of damaging the Crimean Bridge, Commander Neyizhpapy remains resolute in his belief that its demise is imminent. Expressing confidence in the Ukrainian Defense Forces' capability to dismantle the structure, Neyizhpapy anticipates significant developments in the coming months, underscoring Ukraine's unwavering commitment to reclaiming its territories.

When will Crimea be liberated?

Looking ahead, Ukrainian military leaders, including Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny and Main Intelligence Directorate head Kyrylo Budanov, emphasize the multifaceted nature of the liberation effort. While acknowledging the importance of diplomatic and military strategies, they stress the inevitability of military action to challenge entrenched Russian defenses and reclaim occupied territories.

As Ukraine navigates the complexities of its liberation campaign, the quest for air superiority emerges as a critical component of its strategy, underscoring the nation's determination to confront Russian aggression and assert its sovereignty over Crimea.

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