"He won't stop in Ukraine." The head of the Romanian army calls for preparations for war with Putin

, 21:00, 03.02.2024
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The Chief of the General Staff of Romania, Vlad Georgice, warns of a potential Russian threat to Moldova and NATO countries if Ukraine is defeated in the ongoing war.

He wont stop in Ukraine. The head of the Romanian army calls for preparations for war with Putin

The commander of the Romanian army is afraid of Putin. He calls for changes

The Chief of the General Staff of Romania, Vlad Georgice, believes that if Ukraine is defeated in the war, Russia will not stop and may attack Moldova and NATO countries. He noted that all EU countries should take appropriate measures to prepare for a possible military threat.

Georgice believes, first of all, that countries should prepare their societies for a possible confrontation with Russia. He said this in an interview for Radio Free Europe. The military believes that Moldova will be the next target of the Russian occupiers.

"In reality, this is Russia's war against the democratic world. This is not a war with Ukraine... If Russia wins in Ukraine, the main target will be Moldova"
he said, adding that not even a second should be wasted.

The Chief of the General Staff emphasized that it is important to prepare the population in Romania and throughout Europe. In his opinion, the abolition of conscription led to a shortage of personnel in the army not only in Romania, but also in all NATO countries.

Is Society Preparing for War?

Georgice said that the Romanian Ministry of Defense has already prepared a draft amendment to the law on preparing society for defense. It provides for the introduction of voluntary military service and may be considered by the end of 2024.

"It is important that this happens this year because all NATO countries and all of Europe can buy time. Time is a precious resource and I believe that not a single second should be wasted. This is the moment when all European countries should think about preparing their societies. I don't want to cause panic, but this is the reality we live in," said the general.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has previously spoken about the threat from Russia to Moldova. She said the West should not let Putin win in Ukraine. If the president of the aggressor country is not stopped now, he will go further, and then European countries will have to pay a very high price.

The US State Department previously said that European leaders, as well as the United States, clearly realize that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will not stop at invading Ukraine if he can win it. Russia poses a threat to other countries in the region.

Czech President: Europe Should Prepare for Trump's Return, Ukraine Should Go on the Defensive

Czech President Petr Pavel said that Europe should be prepared for Donald Trump's victory in this year's US presidential elections.

According to PAP, in his opinion it is quite reasonable in Europe to consider the possibility of Trump's future victory in the US elections and the fact that he may very quickly conclude an agreement with Putin that may be completely unfavorable for Ukraine and Europe.

"In this case, we will be dealing with a fait accompli that we will have to take into account," said the Czech president.

He clarified that this was not about questioning transatlantic ties or the United States' role as a European ally, but "we will have to realistically acknowledge that Trump sees many things differently."

The Czech president advises Ukraine to limit its offensive activities.

Pavel also noted that Ukraine, unlike Russia, currently has limited options on the battlefield. Therefore, according to him, allies recommend Kiev to limit offensive actions and strengthen its defense. The former Czech military officer noted that for this purpose, Kiev needs not only purely defensive weapons, but also those capable of striking the Russian army's weapons supply routes. In particular, this concerns artillery, long-range cruise missiles, and F-16 aircraft.

"Only a balance of power will lead to both sides realizing that they will no longer succeed and that it is time to negotiate" emphasized the Czech president.

Pavel also spoke in favor of EU enlargement to Ukraine, as well as Georgia, Moldova, and the Western Balkans.

He also added that "if Europe does not want to have places where different influences intersect, which may lead to some kind of conflict, then efforts should be made to deepen cooperation with these countries both in the economic and security dimensions".

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