Has Putin fled Moscow? New reports

, 14:35, 24.06.2023
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There is real chaos in Russia. Prigozhin announced that he had entered Rostov. Meanwhile, information is emerging that Putin may have been hiding outside Moscow.

Has Putin fled Moscow? New reports

Russian security services inform Vladimir Putin around the clock about the actions taken to counter the “armed rebellion” of Yevgeny Prigozhin. There were reports that government helicopters were spotted over the Moscow Ring Road. This means that Putin could have fled the capital.

There is also information on Russian news channels about panic in the Kremlin that no one can reach Putin. Some officials from the presidential administration learn of a possible urgent relocation. One of the few destinations available is Uruguay.

Armored vehicles appeared on the streets of Moscow. TASS reported that OMON and state authorities were alerted, and transport infrastructure facilities were placed under increased protection. All thanks to the threats of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who declared that he was ready to move on the Russian capital if his demands were not met.

Let us recall that on Friday evening, the Wagner Group published a surprising announcement. It was reported on social media about the attack on the camp of the private military company "Putin's cook". Currently, his mercenaries have taken Rostov-on-Don.

What's going on with Vladimir Putin? “Escaped from Moscow”

Russian generals Vladimir Alekseev, along with Sergei Surovikin, recorded a video message to Wagner Group militants asking them not to participate in the mutiny. Surovikin urged them to follow Vladimir Putin's orders.

According to unofficial findings, there has been no contact with the Russian president for several hours. A Kremlin spokesman assured that Putin was kept informed of the situation and “will make an appeal in the near future.” Due to the absence of the leader in such a difficult time for the state, a number of speculations have arisen.

Russia's special air squadron flew over Moscow last night: two presidential helicopters were spotted over the Simferopol highway, the Moscow ring road, and were flying towards Putin's residence in Novo-Ogarievo," reported political commentator Igor Sushko. In his opinion, this may mean that Putin has fled from Moscow.

“Disappointed with the prospect of immigrating to China, the Russian president is to choose a different direction,” claimed the former author of his speeches.


Prigozhin's army entered Rostov

The owner of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, posted a new message on Telegram on the night of Friday to Saturday, in which he stated that his fighters were entering Rostov-on-Don.

“At the moment we crossed state borders. Border guards came out to meet us and embraced our fighters. Now we are entering Rostov. The units of the Ministry of Defense, or rather the conscripts who were supposed to block our way, moved aside,” Prigozhin said.

“We don't fight children, we don't kill children! Shoigu kills children by sending untrained soldiers, including conscripts, to war. He set 18-year-old boys against us, they are all like children and grandchildren to us. So these guys will survive and return to their mothers” – announced the head of the Wagnerians.

He stressed that his men would only fight a professional army.

“But if someone gets in our way, we will destroy everything. We go on, we go to the end,” announced Prigozhin.

Earlier on Friday, Prigozhin said that troops of the Russian regular army had attacked a mercenary camp, causing numerous casualties. He announced that he intended to “restore justice” in the army and called for no opposition.


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