Half a million losses. New estimates of losses in Ukraine

, 13:28, 20.08.2023
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The United States estimated the loss of life in the Russo-Ukrainian War. In total, half a million people were killed and wounded on both sides. The aggressor suffers more losses.

Half a million losses. New estimates of losses in Ukraine

How much did Russia and Ukraine lose in this war? The data is terrifying

The whole world is constantly following the conflict that is taking place beyond our eastern border. Both Ukraine and Russia publish information on casualties from time to time.

"Neither Moscow nor Kyiv provide updated figures on military casualties, and both sides are trying to inflate the number of deaths among enemy soldiers", the Associated Press reported.

Officially, Russia admitted that just over 6 000 of its soldiers were killed.

According to the independent Nexta portal, according to the New York Times, the losses on both sides amount to half a million people, of which 300 000 were the aggressor's losses – about 120 000 killed and 180 000 wounded. Losses on the side of Ukraine amount to 70 000 and 120 000 respectively. The Russian army outnumbers Ukrainian forces on the battlefield three times and has a disproportionately larger mobilization reserve.

― Military analysts estimate the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 500,000 soldiers, including combat units, reserve and paramilitary formations. Russia's potential is 1.3 million soldiers, including private military companies, informs Nexta.

The peak of losses still falls on the Battle of Bakhmut. At that time, according to the US authorities, hundreds of soldiers died every day.

How was the data of loosses estimated?

The New York Times, when publishing data on losses, cited anonymous officials. It also said that the estimates are based on satellite images from the battlefield, intercepted negotiations, public obituaries and official reports from Russian and Ukrainian authorities.

However, it should be borne in mind that these are further estimates that are likely to differ from the actual state of affairs. ― Precise estimates are made difficult by, among others, decisions of the authorities of the Russian regions, which – at the request of the Ministry of Defense – stopped publishing obituaries of soldiers killed during the war.

BBC journalists, Mediazone and a team of volunteers using open sources reported just over 30 000 Russian military dead.

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