French Volunteer Diana Dols Donates 16 Industrial Generators to Dnipro's Medical and Social Institutions

, 17:13, 22.09.2023
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In Dnipro, French volunteer Diana Dols donated 16 industrial generators to medical and social institutions in the region. As volunteer Suspilno said, this is the third delivery in a year.

French Volunteer Diana Dols Donates 16 Industrial Generators to Dnipros Medical and Social Institutions

A French volunteer donated 16 generators to medical institutions

In Dnipro, a city located in Ukraine, the generous contributions of French volunteer Diana Dols have made a significant impact on the healthcare and social institutions in the region. Diana Dols, through her involvement with the French-Ukrainian Association for Medical and Charitable Aid, has facilitated the donation of a remarkable 16 industrial generators to support the critical operations of these institutions. This marks the third such delivery within a year, underscoring the dedication and commitment of both Diana Dols and the association to enhancing the region's infrastructure.

Powering Critical Services

These industrial generators come in various power capacities, ranging from 70 to 125 kilowatts, ensuring that they can effectively meet the diverse energy needs of medical and social facilities. The significance of this donation cannot be overstated, as these generators will enable doctors and healthcare professionals to continue their essential work even in the face of electricity disruptions.

Diana Dols emphasizes the exceptional quality of these generators, which are specially designed for continuous operation. Their reliability means that they can function seamlessly for several days, providing a crucial lifeline during power outages. Diana is currently working on and coordinating a new project, one that involves powering water filtration stations, thereby further improving access to clean and safe water in the region. Her dedication to ensuring the welfare of the community is truly commendable.

Diana Dols says: because of generators, doctors will be able to work without electricity.

“These are special, professional generators that are designed for continuous operation and can operate for several days. I am currently studying and coordinating a new project under which we will power water filtration stations," she said.

International Collaboration for a Local Impact

The association bought the generators with funds from foreign companies, says Diana Dols. Their power ranges from seventy to 125 kilowatts. Two large ones will go to the provincial hospital. Thanks to this, doctors will be able to perform operations even during a power outage, says medical director Serhiy.

Serhiy also points out the unique challenges posed by the hospital's historical status, being 230 years old and designed in a pavilion style. This architectural layout necessitates the use of dedicated generators for each department, further emphasizing the value of the generators' donation.

Two more generators will be transported to the Wasylkowska psychoneurological boarding school.

“We have enough for everything, for heating, for lighting, for food, for hot and cold water. We have 220 clients. These are mentally ill, disabled, retired, seriously ill people who live with us all the time," says Lyubov Baklan about the executive duties of the director of the boarding school.

The director of the geriatric boarding school in Dnipropetrovsk, Oleg Kondrashevskyi, says: there are 600 pupils in their facility, this generator will help deal with possible power outages.

“Last year, when there were power cuts and we had no gas, we have all the boilers, everything runs only on electricity. We cooked food in military field kitchens for almost a week," he says.

In addition to generators, the association supplies medical equipment, medicines and other humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Additional needs in the region are currently being assessed for further assistance, says Diana Dols.


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