Former NATO commander on Russia's defeat: Only on one condition

, 22:43, 28.02.2024
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Former NATO commander, Philip Breedlove, believes Ukraine can win the war if the West provides enough military support, including advanced weaponry like ATACMS missiles.

Former NATO commander on Russias defeat: Only on one condition

Philip Breedlove. How should the West help Ukraine?

This war will end exactly as Western politicians decide. If we give Ukraine what it needs to win, it will win - said Philip Breedlove, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, in an interview with the portal
Philip Breedlove, US Air Force general and former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, believes that the war "will end exactly as Western politicians decide."

In an interview with a journalist from the portal, Gen. Breedlove stressed that the allies must support Ukraine, because only thanks to military support does Kyiv have a real chance of victory.

How should the West help Ukraine? The former NATO commander lists the needs

If we give Ukraine what it needs to win, it will win. Strategically, the Ukrainians have defeated Russia north of Kyiv and northwest of Kharkiv. They have also recaptured a lot of territory in the south. If the West does not give Ukraine what it needs to win, Kyiv will be forced to make peace, in which it will give up more land at the cost of more soldiers and civilian casualties - assessed the American commander. Gen. Breedlove stressed that this year could be the year "when the situation starts to change for the better." However, there is a condition - Western leadership must "rise to the occasion." What does that mean?

According to the general, Ukraine now needs ammunition and weapons the most. Next, the allied states should focus on providing the Ukrainian army with an advantage in terms of long-range strikes, air defense, and attack aircraft. - We must give Ukraine what we would take ourselves if we went to war.

We should not make Ukraine confront a superpower when it does not have enough equipment - the expert stressed in an interview with the portal. He also pointed out that it is extremely important for the success of the Ukrainian army to provide it with the ability to carry out precise strikes. These, as he explained, can be guaranteed by ATACMS missiles.

- Kyiv must be able to strike Russian forces before they reach the battlefield, defeat Russian troop concentrations, Moscow's supply lines and its warehouses - added Gen. Breedlove.

Gen. Philip Breedlove: The West tied Ukraine's hands

The former NATO commander also referred to the issue of military support for Russia by Iran and North Korea. The general pointed out that the West's mistake in stopping Putin is the lack of decisive action. - Unfortunately, in the West we always resort to sanctions first and almost always only to them.

So we have to think about how best to impose sanctions on the people who provide Russia with such capabilities. I think it is very sad that we have created a safe haven for Russia and its forces in the West - stressed Gen. Breedlove. He added that due to the actions of Western countries, Ukraine "has its hands tied", while Russia is attacking its entire territory with the help of foreign equipment.

- We have to change that and finally stop covering up Russia and its allies - he summed up.


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