For designers, a template of the corresponding colors of the flag of Ukraine was created. How to copy them correctly

, 20:47, 19.06.2023
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The flag of Ukraine is one of the national symbols of this state. Check what colors it has and what exactly they mean. We also have HEX and CMYK color codes that allow you to use it in your design.

For designers, a template of the corresponding colors of the flag of Ukraine was created. How to copy them correctly

The flag of Ukraine – colors and their meanings

Designers possess a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to bring ideas to life through the strategic use of color. Every element, hue, and shade is meticulously chosen to convey a specific message or evoke a particular emotion. When it comes to national symbols, such as flags, the significance of color takes on an even greater importance, representing a country's identity, heritage, and values.

In the case of Ukraine, the national flag is a powerful embodiment of the nation's spirit and history. Comprising two horizontal bands of equal size, the flag consists of a vibrant blue on top and a striking golden yellow at the bottom. For designers seeking to incorporate these iconic colors into their projects, a template has been created to ensure an accurate replication of the Ukrainian flag's color scheme.

From understanding the historical context behind the flag's colors to exploring the technical aspects of color reproduction, we provide a comprehensive guide that will enable designers to honor the essence of Ukraine through their work.

Cultural heritage in color

As the creative world continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly crucial for designers to pay homage to cultural heritage while crafting contemporary and impactful designs. Understanding the intricacies of a country's flag and its colors is a testament to a designer's commitment to excellence and respect for the stories behind these symbols.

The state colors of Ukraine – yellow and blue – come from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Ruthenia (the Principality of Halych-Volhynia), which featured a golden lion on a blue background. Under the yellow-blue banner with the image of a lion, the Ruthenian regiment fought in the great battle with the Teutonic Knights at Grunwald in 1410. In the middle of the 17th century, the flag of the Grand Duchy of Ruthenia had such colors.

A Designers Guide to Replicating the Colors of the Ukrainian Flag

It is no coincidence that on National Flag Day, we remember the historic moment of bringing the national flag to the Supreme Council on August 24, 1991. Until that day, the pro-communist majority in parliament hindered the appearance of the blue and yellow flag in the BP building in every way, requiring the removal of even small flags that MPs held at their places of work. But after the fall of the Moscow coup – opposition to the national colors in the national legislation became impossible.

The blue and yellow flag was officially approved as the national symbol of Ukraine on January 28, 1992. In August 2004, the president signed a decree establishing the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine, celebrated annually on August 23. In Kyiv, this day is still celebrated on July 24. On this day in 1990, a blue and yellow flag was raised over the city hall in Kyiv.

The flag of Ukraine – colors and their meanings

The flag of Ukraine is a rectangle with two horizontal stripes of blue and yellow. Here is what the colors on the Ukrainian flag mean:

  • blue – refers to the color of the serene, calm summer sky, it is interpreted as a symbol of peace,
  • yellow – refers to the color of ripe grain (wheat), symbolizes abundance, fertility, or wealth of the land, or work.

Nineteenth-century Ukrainian national activist and ethnographer Yakiv Holovacki wrote:

In the 19th century, Ukrainian national activists adopted yellow and blue as their national colors, but did not establish their order.

In the fight for an independent Ukraine

For the first time since the February Revolution of 1917, Ukrainian blue and yellow flags appeared in public in Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkov on March 16, 1917. Ukranianization of units of the tsarist army on the fronts of World War I and the Black Sea Fleet took place under Ukrainian flags.

On March 17, 1917, the organization of the Central Council was announced, and since then Ukrainian blue and yellow flags begin to appear in public at the state level. The first president of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevsky approved such a combination of colors as the official flag of the country.

“Since the beginning of the full invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the media, international, and Ukrainian companies have intensified their support for our country in the information space. Hundreds of designers have produced materials with Ukrainian symbols, in particular with the flag. We noticed that finding the right flag colors was problematic. Because of this, thousands of materials in the wrong shades appeared,” commented Ivan Verhun on the initiative.

A Designers Guide to Replicating the Colors of the Ukrainian Flag

Ukrainian flag colors for print products and websites

The following schemes are used to display yellow correctly (they can be copied from the text directly into the editor):

  • RGB: 255,215.0
  • CMYK: 0, 2, 98, 0
  • HEX: #FFD700

The following schemes are used to display the blue color correctly:

  • RGB: 0.87.184
  • CMYK: 100, 52, 0, 0
  • HEX: #0057B8


A Designers Guide to Replicating the Colors of the Ukrainian Flag


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