Failed Russian action near Andriivka. Driving straight into a ditch

, 08:26, 22.03.2024
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Recordings surface online showing struggles of the Russian military. Vehicles destroyed, missiles failing to hit targets and untrained solders being sent to the front lines.

Failed Russian action near Andriivka. Driving straight into a ditch

Russian military facing chaos

Recordings of a failed Russian armored personnel carrier assault near Andriivka have surfaced online, showing their vehicles veering off the road. These are not the only problems the Russians have been facing on the front lines lately.

Recordings of the Russian action near Andriivka show how one of the armored personnel carriers drove down a hill straight into the water. Its driver managed to get out, and a military camera showed a few seconds of footage of him sitting on the shore looking at the sunken vehicle.

The second transporter landed in a ditch and ran over a Russian paratrooper who had landed there earlier. Both situations can be seen on the profile of the Ukrainian blogger Ukrainian Front on the X platform.

Russians fired over 30 missiles, none of them hit

This is not the only problem for the Russian army. On Wednesday night, during a missile attack on Ukraine, they fired over 30 missiles that were supposed to hit Kyiv. Ukrainian services report that none of them hit their target.

The Reuters agency reported that the air defense shot down all the missiles. Unfortunately, falling debris injured several people and damaged several buildings.

Other recordings compromising the Russians are also circulating online. Ukrainians often fight Putin's army with unmanned drones. The Nexta portal published a video on Thursday showing Russian soldiers defending themselves against the machine with a stick and a shovel.

Mutiny and lack of training. Chaos in the Russian ranks

Conditions in Putin's army are not the best. They lack food and equipment. According to Ukrainian services, soldiers are increasingly refusing to take part in assault operations on the front lines in Ukraine. They have started to surrender without a fight and are being taken prisoner by the Ukrainians en masse.

Moreover, according to ISW reports, the Russians are sending reservists and volunteers to the war who lack proper training.

There are situations where reservists were still training on how to use handguns a few days before being sent to Ukraine. Sometimes there is no such training at all, and soldiers go into battle only after a short briefing.

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