Evidence emerges of North Korean missile use by Russia in Ukrainian conflict

, 14:21, 07.01.2024
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The Ukrainian prosecutor's office presented evidence of a North Korean missile found on January 2, confirming Russia's use of Kim Jong Un's equipment in the war with Kyiv.

Evidence emerges of North Korean missile use by Russia in Ukrainian conflict

War in Ukraine. The situation on the front, further Russian attacks and North Korean missiles

The Ukrainian prosecutor's office displayed the remains of a North Korean missile found in the country on January 2. The presented evidence aims to definitively confirm that Russia is currently utilizing equipment from Kim Jong Un in its war with Kyiv. Recent updates also indicate that the occupier is deploying reinforcements in the Luhansk region and continues to suffer heavy losses. On Saturday alone, Ukrainians reportedly eliminated 860 enemy soldiers.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported a Shahed drone attack on Sunday, with 28 drones flying over the country. Anti-aircraft defenses managed to shoot down 21 of them, while seven drones hit the Dnieper on Saturday evening. As a result of the attack, a residential building caught fire, leading to the evacuation of six people. Additionally, two skyscrapers and four cars were damaged.

There are no reports of casualties, and air defense operations were conducted in the Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, and Kirovograd regions.

Russia has struck again, and Ukrainians have revealed the equipment used

Recently, Ukraine reported the first attacks in which Russia employed North Korean missiles. The first official evidence has now been presented, with representatives of the prosecutor's office in the Kharkiv region displaying the remains of a missile found on January 2. According to the spokesman for the district prosecutor's office, the missile differs from Russian specimens. The official also highlighted the non-innovative production technology, previously reported on Russian military channels in early December.

In an update on the war in Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that on January 6, 860 occupiers were killed, bringing the total death toll to 364,730 since the beginning of the war. The invader also lost four tanks, 22 armored vehicles, 36 artillery systems, 24 unmanned aerial vehicles, and over 40 vehicles, including fuel tankers.

Analysts from the Institute for War Studies commented on the situation on the front. According to them, the Russian Federation is currently focusing on the area around the city of Kremenna, where reinforcements are being deployed, and preparations for attacks near the villages of Nevsky and Bilhorivka are underway.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are establishing a bridgehead towards Kherson and halting the enemy's advance in the Donetsk region. There were 45 combat clashes reported in the region over the last 24 hours.

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