Enemy attacks Nikopol with kamikaze drones, causing damage

, 20:17, 19.01.2024
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On January 19th, the Russian army conducted three strikes in Ukraine's Nikopol area, with a kamikaze drone targeting Nikopol and artillery shelling in Marganets. Fortunately, no casualties reported.

Enemy attacks Nikopol with kamikaze drones, causing damage

On January 19th, during the day, the Russian army reportedly conducted three strikes in the Nikopol area of Dnipro Oblast, as announced by Serhiy Lysak, the head of the regional military administration, on his Telegram channel.

A kamikaze drone targeted Nikopol, while the community of Marganets was shelled by artillery. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties or injuries. Lysak clarified that there were no Russian shelling incidents in other areas of Dnipro Oblast.

On January 17, a Russian army kamikaze drone hit a car

On January 17th, in the Marganets community in Nikopol Oblast, a Russian military kamikaze drone struck, hitting a car with people inside. Two individuals, a 13-year-old child, and a 19-year-old boy, were injured. The child's condition is reported as "serious", while the young man's condition is described as moderate. The Dnipro District Prosecutor's Office initiated a pre-trial investigation under Article 438, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Maksym, one of the individuals injured during the January 17th attack, is currently hospitalized. In an interview with Suspilny, he shared that he was driving into town with his family when the Russian kamikaze drone struck.

Maksym explained,"We realized it was a drone when something started buzzing in the sky. Suddenly, it flew straight into our car. We didn't even have time to understand it; it immediately flew into the car. We got out of the car and immediately called an ambulance."

Enemy attacks Nikopol with kamikaze drones three times

According to Maksym, only he and his brother were injured in the Russian drone attack. Medical professionals who arrived on the scene transported them to the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

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