During the day, the invaders attacked Nikopol with kamikaze drones and heavy artillery

, 21:21, 22.12.2023
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On December 22, a devastating attack by the Russian military unfolded in Nikopol and its surrounding districts, as heavy artillery and kamikaze drones were employed in a ruthless assault.

During the day, the invaders attacked Nikopol with kamikaze drones and heavy artillery

Enemy shells caused considerable damage

On December 22, the Russian military shelled Nikopol and the district with heavy artillery and kamikaze drones. Enemy shells caused considerable damage. People were not injured.

Serhiy Lysak, the head of the Dnipro OVA, provided a grim account of the situation, revealing the extent of the damage inflicted during the military offensive. The once vibrant health resort in Nikopol now lies in ruins, serving as a stark symbol of the indiscriminate violence that has befallen the region. Seven houses and five farm buildings were obliterated, while critical infrastructure such as power lines and a gas pipeline sustained severe damage.

The health resort in Nikopol was destroyed. 7 houses and 5 farm buildings, power lines and a gas pipeline were damaged. A food stand was also damaged and a minibus was involved in the incident.

The neighboring communes of Chervonogrihorivsk and Marganets also found themselves in the crosshairs of the aggressors. Miraculously, there were no reported deaths or injuries in these areas, but the attacks underscore the vulnerability of civilian populations living in proximity to conflict zones.

As the world awaits developments in this ongoing crisis, there is a collective hope for a swift and peaceful resolution that will spare innocent lives and pave the way for the long-term stability and prosperity of the region.

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