Drone attack on Russia. One hit Kursk, the other flew to Moscow

, 11:45, 20.08.2023
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Five people were injured in a drone attack on Kursk railway station, local authorities said. The roof of the building began to burn, and footage of the scene appeared on social media.

Drone attack on Russia. One hit Kursk, the other flew to Moscow

Russia attacked by drones. The station in Kursk was on fire

The sky over Moscow was also restless – there, in turn, anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down a drone, but it did not do without difficulties in air traffic. According to the Kremlin, Ukraine is responsible for sending the objects over Russian territory.

The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoyt, reported on Telegram that a Ukrainian drone had hit the railway station in the capital of the region.

"According to preliminary information, the object hit the roof of the building, and then a fire broke out on the spot", the entry reads.

Drone attack on Kursk

The object hit the railway station. Recordings showing the effects of the drone attack appeared on social media.

They show the moment of impact, the burning roof of the building, and the services reacting to the event.

In the following materials, you can also see people evacuated from the station. According to Governor Roman Starowojt, there were 50 people inside or around the station hall at the time of the attack.

Failed attack on Moscow

The attack on Kursk, 150 km from the Ukrainian border, was not the only one on Russian territory that night. As reported by the Ministry of Defense in the Kremlin, early in the morning, Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down a Ukrainian drone flying towards Moscow.

The statement quoted by the Reuters agency emphasized that no one was injured.

Despite the effectiveness of the Russian sky defense systems, the airstrike caused difficulties at the capital's airports.

According to a communication from the Russian Air Transport Agency, traffic at Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports was temporarily suspended due to the security alert. In the end, a total of six machines were redirected, and port activity has now returned to normal.


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