Doubts surround alleged suicide of Russian engineer linked to missile attack in Kharkiv

, 21:56, 29.01.2024
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The reported suicide of Russian arms plant engineer, Anton Gorobets, allegedly involved in constructing missiles that hit Kharkiv, faces skepticism. Gorobets' farewell letter, citing his grandmother.

Doubts surround alleged suicide of Russian engineer linked to missile attack in Kharkiv

Destructions in Kharkiv after Russian attack

A Russian arms plant engineer, Anton Gorobets, allegedly “had a hand” in constructing the missiles that hit Kharkiv last week. One of the rockets hit his grandmother's house, resulting in her tragic demise. In a farewell letter attributed to him, Gorobets expressed his refusal to continue participating in such activities. However, doubts have emerged regarding the authenticity of the note.

Reports of Gorobets' alleged suicide surfaced on social media on Friday, January 26. Interestingly, mainstream Russian media remained silent on this matter, as reported on the website.

Alleged suicide of Russian arms plant engineer raises doubts

Gorobets worked at the Kupol arms plant, which is part of the large state-owned concern Almaz-Antey. He was presumably involved in constructing missiles for the S-300 missile systems.

The farewell letter attributed to Gorobets circulated widely, containing a poignant confession of his involvement and his inability to cope with the consequences. However, scrutiny has been cast upon its veracity.

According to Belsat, the Vot-tak portal analyzed the letter and raised doubts regarding its authenticity. The letter reportedly contains numerous errors, and the name of Gorobets' employer appears distorted.

Further investigation by Belsat revealed discrepancies in the details provided in the letter. They found only one individual matching Gorobets' name and details, a 22-year-old hockey enthusiast residing near Novosibirsk, Russia. Moreover, this individual was active online after the alleged date of Gorobets' death, casting doubt on the narrative presented in the letter.

Kharkiv, once the second-largest city in Ukraine with a population exceeding 1.4 million, has suffered relentless attacks from aggressor troops since the Russian invasion began in February 2022. The recent tragic attack on January 23 claimed the lives of ten civilians, including an eight-year-old girl.

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