Directly Gachi: how the information channel from Energodar became an important source of information about the war in southern Ukraine

, 19:39, 02.01.2024
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In an interview with the founder of the Directly Gachi channel, we learn about the history of the channel's creation, its role in the information war, and assistance to the residents of the region.

Directly Gachi: how the information channel from Energodar became an important source of information about the war in southern Ukraine

Directly Gachi: how the information channel from Energodar became an important source of information about the war in southern Ukraine

In an interview with Directly Gachi (before Gachi Defence) says that the idea of creating the channel arose at the end of July 2022, when Energodar began to be shelled by Russian troops. At first, the channel was an ordinary chat for local residents to communicate, but soon it turned into an important source of information about the situation in the region.

Gachi also talks about how the channel works with the military, local governments and other communities. He notes that the channel is an important tool for uniting people and consolidating society in wartime conditions.

Exclusive interview with "Directly Gachi"

The interview with Gachi is divided into topics that will help you learn more about the channel's activities and get answers to the questions you are interested in.

The role and mission of Gachi

How did the idea to create Телеграм-канал Безпосередньо Гачі, and what is your main mission?

Answer: The idea arose at the end of July 2022. Then, instead of a channel, there was a regular chat for communication between Energodars.

When the shelling started, within a few days they started publishing departures in the same chat, then they were already transferred separately to the channel so as not to clog the chat, and this is how the channel opened "Directly Gachi".

How do you define your role in the context of the conflict and how does it differ from other information resources?

Answer: People on both sides of the reservoir participate in it, and the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, and Kherson regions communicate with each other. These people are in the channel, they share information, create an information community where we provide information about what is happening on the territory of Ukraine and on the temporarily occupied territory.

In this regard, we have the opportunity to write information that other channels do not have. We communicate with the Nikopol RVA, with representatives of local self-government bodies.

Intelligence and warning process

How do you collect and verify information about shelling and other military actions?

Answer: We collect information through communication with a large number of people using a chatbot attached to a feedback channel, or through personal messages from the head of the Nikopol RVA Yevhen Yevtushenko.

There are rules for using this bot (indicated in the channel anchor). Anonymity and safety of our people is the main thing. Verification of information is carried out by relevant services.

What are the main challenges you face when working with critics and the Russian IPSO?

Answer: If the criticism contains sound advice, we will definitely listen to it. If the criticism is unfounded, without any evidence, etc., simply block and the issue is closed.

We regularly observe how the IPSO is conducted and that the enemy is very nervous and upset when we, Ukrainians, communicate normally without mutual aggression and consolidate. We are constantly observing rejections aimed at ensuring that we are not united.

Fundraising and support of the Armed Forces

Tell us about your fundraising experience for the Armed Forces. How do you motivate people to help?

Answer: A very interesting question. The first collection of funds was carried out a month after the creation of the channel. A lot of applications are received, not millions of course, but there are consistently 1-2 per day.

It is impossible to tear everyone apart, it is impossible to help everyone. Therefore, it was decided to take over the brigade, previously the 9th operational regiment, now it is the 15th brigade.

The guys are fighting in the Zaporizhzhia direction, trying to liberate the temporarily occupied territories, and in particular, Energodar/Vodyane/Kamyanka, which will free us from shelling of the coastal territory of the Nikopol district. This is relevant not only for Zaporizhzhia region, but also for Dnipropetrovsk region.

As for motivation, the management of the channel does not deal with this, it is done by the military who asked to help them. They publish videos of exercises, communicate with people, do interesting raffles, etc. All musters report, video from military with merchandise/receipts, etc. All this is stored in our pinned posts in the channel.

What stories or events most impressed you during this activity?

Answer: In fact, it is a journey into the world of information warfare with the occupiers of the Internet. I am most pleased to meet the soldiers who serve in the 15th brigade. The most interesting thing is that these are our native people from Energodar, about whom it was impossible to even guess, we met again and work together to this day.

Getting to know the Nikopol military, known to you as "raccoons", with whom we cooperate to this day on security issues of the district. Also, I am very glad to meet the head of Nikopol RVA.

Since the very beginning of the creation of the channel, we have been working and expanding the scope of our capabilities. In addition, various acquaintances with representatives of local governments. A separate story with Kateryna, my readers know her only by name and type of activity.

I am very glad to have met her. She got in touch with us, since then we practically keep in touch as good friends. She helps a lot along with my readers, the aforementioned 15 brigade. In fact, this list can be continued forever, but I will probably stop at the most important ones.

Impact on the local community

What impact does your work have on the residents of Nikopol, Energodar, Marganets and other frontline towns and villages?

Answer: I know that our channel helps many residents of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. Over time, the content of the channel has changed, new people come and go. Only threat reports, departures from the Energodar coast and work with the Defense Forces of Ukraine remain unchanged.

Do you interact with other communities and channels?

Answer: There are about 10 channels with which we communicate, help and exchange information. They are conducted by people who are both in the temporarily occupied territory and in the Ukrainian free territory. There are channels that treat us aggressively, sometimes we respond to their attacks, but in general we do not pay attention to their provocations.

We work not for the sake of communication with some channels, not for the sake of getting a good review on some channel, but for the sake of informing people and cooperation with the Defense Forces of Ukraine. This is our main activity.

Help report from Gachi

In total, since 2022, 49 meetings in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been held on the Bezpoderdno Gachi channel. Approximately UAH 12,416,821 was collected during this time.

The most funds were collected on:

  • Machines for military units and units: 3 360 000 UAH,
  • Thermal imagers and night vision devices: 2 345 000 UAH,
  • Drones: 2 150 000 UAH,
  • Helmets and body armor: 1 350 000 UAH.

Gachi also organized fundraisers to help specific military personnel who needed treatment or rehabilitation after being wounded.

Thanks to the efforts of Gachi and his team, various equipment and supplies were purchased and transferred to the front, which helped the Ukrainian military in the fight against Russian aggression.

Here are some specific examples of the assistance that Gachi provided to the ZSU:

  1. In August 2022, UAH 3.3 million was collected for the purchase of a new car for the 9th operational regiment of NSU. This car was transferred to the front and was used to deliver goods and evacuate the wounded.
  2. In September 2022, UAH 2.1 million was collected for the purchase of thermal imagers for the 1st tank battalion of the 9th operational regiment of NSU. These thermal imagers helped the military in night battles with Russian troops.
  3. In October 2022, UAH 2 million was collected for the purchase of drones for the 65th separate brigade. These drones were used for reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire.

More details on various wartime collections from Gachi and reporting at this link.

This interview in Ukrainian is also available here for your friends from Ukraine.

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