Did they run him over? Let him lie. A scary film from Russian-occupied Luhansk

, 20:50, 18.09.2023
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Large military vehicles are the kings of the roads in Russia. A powerful military truck ran over a man in Luhansk and continued on. But that's not the most shocking thing. Video from Luhansk.

Did they run him over? Let him lie. A scary film from Russian-occupied Luhansk

The driver of a military truck first hit and then ran over a man

Videos from Russian-occupied self-proclaimed republics captured by surveillance cameras regularly appear on social media. The latest footage shows a shocking scene when an accident occurs at one of the largest intersections in Luhansk.

A powerful military truck with a mysterious cargo covered with a tarpaulin first hits a man who is walking correctly on the crossing and then runs over him. The car doesn't slow down, it just drives away from the scene at the same speed. The pedestrian tried to escape at the last moment, but the truck's speed was too high.

The most moving thing, however, is the behavior of other pedestrians, as well as drivers of other cars. No one takes any interest in the lying man or helps him.

This matter did not escape the attention of Internet users commenting on the film. Many of them pointed out that this video clearly shows the completely different mentality that prevails in the East. The stronger one wins and the weaker one has no chance of surviving. Witnesses to the event are probably afraid that helping a man who was run over by a military truck may mean trouble, including "quick mobilization to the front."

Did they run him over? Let him lie. Russian-occupied Luhansk

This is the "Russian world". Nobody stops. Nobody does anything. They see a civilian hit by a military truck and no one reacts. They know the Russian truck driver will escape. If anyone files a complaint, they will likely face mobilization. In any case, you will see the same types of films in Russia itself. The system is rotten to the core. Russia will collapse just like the USSR

The video from Luhansk is further evidence that military vehicles pose a threat to residents in Russian-occupied areas. A similar situation occurred last year in Donetsk. The speeding tank hit a properly moving bus and after hitting it tried to escape from the scene of the accident.

Separatist “republics” with capitals in Lugansk and Donetsk were established in 2014, shortly after Russia annexed Crimea. For the Western world, it is still part of Ukraine, and its “independence” is recognized only by Russia and some of its allies. In these regions, the population largely speaks Russian.

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