Delay of 200 cars: queues at the Ukrainian-Polish border from August 18

, 09:46, 18.08.2023
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Every day, thousands of Ukrainians cross the Polish border in both directions. How are the queues at the border today? Which checkpoint should I choose to have the least wait in line?

Delay of 200 cars: queues at the Ukrainian-Polish border from August 18

Queues at the Ukrainian-Polish border

Since the full-scale invasion, the border with Poland has become the main "artery" connecting Ukraine with Europe. It is through the Polish border that most of the cargo passes, in Poland there are also airports located closest to Ukraine. Therefore, the queues at the Ukrainian-Polish border can significantly adjust your onward travel plans. There is no queue at the Sheghini-Medyka pedestrian crossing, and 140 cars were delayed in Krakowka. Today we are talking about the situation on the border with Poland.

The traffic is crowded: queues at the border with Poland to leave Ukraine

According to the statistics of the State Border Service of Ukraine, from nine o'clock in the morning on August 18, 2023, the traffic of cars and buses leaving Ukraine was heavy:

  • "Yagodin" - 6 buses (electronic train) (pedestrians are not allowed, cars are temporarily not allowed);
  • "Ustyluh" - 80 l/a, 10 buses (electronic train); (pedestrians are not allowed);
  • "Ugryniów" - 80 l/a, 0 buses (pedestrians are not allowed);
  • "Rava-Ruska" - 200 l/a, 5 buses (pedestrians are not allowed);
  • "Gruszów" - 60 l/a, 8 buses (pedestrians are not allowed);
  • "Krakowiec" - 140 l/a, 11 buses (pedestrians are not allowed);
  • "Sheghini" - 40 l/a, 10 buses, 0 pedestrians (a pedestrian can pass in both directions);
  • "Nyzhankovichi" - 10 electronic checkpoints, only trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons, without cargo (except for tankers, dangerous goods, including PMM);
  • "Smilnycia" - 50 l/a, 0 buses (pedestrians are not allowed).

Delays are recorded on the car lane at the points "Uściług", "Ugryniów", "Krakowiec", "Rawa-Ruska", "Szeghini", "Hruszów".

The largest queues on the bus line are at the points "Gruszów", "Jagodin", "Krakowiec", "Szeghini" and "Uściług".

Delays on the cargo lane: queues at the border with Poland to enter Ukraine

As of this morning, the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border is as follows:

  • Delays are recorded on cargo lines at the checkpoints: "Dorogusk" (7 hours), "Grebenne" (16 hours), "Korchova" (33 hours), "Kroschchenko" (3 hours), "Medyka" ( 13 hours).
  • Queues lasting 2 hours are set up in the bus lane at the border crossings "Grebenne", "Korchova" and "Medyka". There are still no queues at other borders.
  • From this morning, there is also a queue on the motorway at the "Zosyn" point.
  • In the TaxFree zone from this morning on the "Zosyn" border there is a 1-hour delay.

Please note that renovation work is underway at the Dorogusk-Yagodin station. As a result, there may be delays at cargo control points. We would also like to remind you that there is no passenger service at this place.


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