Crimea will become an island: how long will the "Putin's bridge" last and what will happen after its destruction

, 20:21, 28.08.2023
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The Crimean Bridge is back in the spotlight. The SBU has released details of the July attack on the bridge by the unique "Sea Baby" surface drone. The passage is increasingly smoky or closed.

Crimea will become an island: how long will the Putins bridge last and what will happen after its destruction

Ukrainian intelligence: Russia sinks ferries in an attempt to protect the Crimean Bridge

The enemy's crossing is already only 50% operational and there is no way to repair it.

The Crimean Bridge is back in the spotlight. The SBU has released details of the July attack on the bridge by the unique “Sea Baby” surface drone. The passage is increasingly smoky or closed to traffic. According to experts, the bridge cannot withstand the loads – the logistics of the occupiers staying on it is significantly slowed down. The illegally built Russian construction must sink to the bottom of the Kerch Bay – this is what Ukrainians are convinced of.

Experts say that the enemy is carefully guarding the Crimean bridge. If earlier 1-2 Russian ships served in the Kerch Strait, now there are never less than 10 of them.

Crimea will become an island

According to military expert Ihor Romanenko, the Crimean bridge is a serious element of logistical support for enemy troops on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and enemy military units in the south of our country.

"If, under the influence of the fire, the land supply of everything necessary for the conduct of hostilities, as well as the railway and road bridges in the Chongar area, as well as the Crimean railway and road bridge (Kerchen) are cut off, then the peninsula will turn into a "logistic island of Crimea". All this will significantly reduce the supply potential of the enemy troops. And this, according to the laws of war, means that the potential for action of the Ukrainian Defense Forces will increase”,
said the retired Lieutenant General, Deputy Chief of the General Staff.

The expert adds that three series of strikes have already been carried out on the Crimean Bridge. By the way, there is a ferry crossing from Kerch. According to Romanenko, it must also be destroyed so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to use it. Then the occupiers would have to use only landing ships to deliver cargo, arms, and ammunition and everything else to the Crimean units. But Russian amphibious assault ships are already becoming targets for Ukrainian surface drones.

"The Crimean Bridge has already been hit three times, which disorganized it for a while, but so far it has not been possible to completely destroy the crossing, it is heavily guarded - ships also use barricades from the air, enemy air defenses and from the seaside. Therefore, I think that the task of destroying them is still ahead of us". 

By the way, after the third hit on the Crimean bridge, the Russians stopped even threatening Ukraine with revenge, which they did with foam at the mouth after the first and second hit.

How long will the Putins bridge last and what will happen after?

There has been no railway here since October

Military-political analyst of the group “Information Resistance” Oleksandr Kovalenko notes that from October last year to the present, the railway line has not been operating on the Crimean Bridge.

“Not a single railway track is working on the Crimean Bridge. In addition, one of the highways does not work on it. This means that the bridge is working at all, but 50-50 percent. Thus, he limited his ability to provide the Russian occupiers with round-the-clock forces and means, equipment, etc. The bridge does not fulfill its functions at full capacity. I am more than sure that after some time the bridge will reduce its functionality, I also do not rule out that it may stop working at all”, says Oleksandr Kovalenko.


What is the prospect of enemy landing craft

The military expert adds that it will certainly work in favor of the Armed Forces.

“Supplies of equipment, ammunition, fuel and lubricants will be stopped. And the occupiers will have to transport all this from Taganrog to Berdyansk through the Sea of ​​Azov or by land through Mariupol to Berdyansk and Melitopol. Or they can choose a route through the Azov or Black Sea with the arrangement of ferry crossings and large landing ships for transporting everything necessary. If they select this path, they will certainly face risks. After all, the Russian amphibious assault ship "Olenegorsky Gornyak" and the tanker "SIG" have already shown exactly what risks they may face, explains Oleksandr Kovalenko.

How long will the Putins bridge last and what will happen after?

The bridge won't last long

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that the Crimean Bridge will not serve the occupiers for long.

“There is a prospect of destroying the Crimean bridge. This will most likely be implemented in the near future. Why? We began more active combat operations in the Melitopol and Berdyansk directions. And these may be related events,” says Oleg Zhdanov.

Re attack is possible

The expert assures that the attacks on the enemy bridge will not end there.

“I think there is a prospect of further use of drones on the bridge. If we do at least a few more drones like this, I think there will be another attack immediately. I also want to note that the department dealing with the development and production of sea drones is a separate department in the SBU. It was created on the initiative of the head of the SBU, Vasyl Maluk, who personally supervises the work of this department. Therefore, we have every chance that they will come up with something about the Crimean bridge,” sums up Oleg Zhdanov.

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