Crimea is in darkness. The Ukrainian military details its actions

, 22:19, 19.01.2024
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Authorities in Crimea reported a major electricity network failure, impacting civilians and military bases. While the Russians remain silent, Ukrainian Armed Forces suggest intentional disruptions.

Crimea is in darkness. The Ukrainian military details its actions

Crimean Peninsula without electricity

The Crimean authorities have reported a massive failure in the electricity network across most of the peninsula. Although the Russians have not provided official information on this matter, representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have spoken out.

Natalia Humeniuk, the head of the press center of the Ukrainian Southern Defense Forces, discussed the large-scale power outages. She emphasized that the issue is likely related to the fact that the electricity grid in Crimea supplies energy not only to civilians but also to military bases.

According to a representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, one of the goals of the Ukrainian military is to “complicate life” on bases.

"A campaign is underway in Crimea to extend the 'cotton' season (a mocking term for outbreaks - editor). Therefore, appropriate changes are also taking place in general logistics. Destroying the enemy's potential is not achieved only with fire"
Natalia Humeniuk said.

"It should be understood that the military bases located on the Crimean Peninsula are also powered by electricity, which is supplied as part of the general order, affecting the water supply and complicating their lives. This is also one of our tasks" she added.

Crimea is in darkness. The Ukrainian military details its actions

The Russians are expanding their fortifications in Crimea

The Russians are expanding their fortifications in Crimea. The Ukrainian guerrilla movement "Atesh" announced on social media the detection of fortification works carried out by the Russian military in the occupied territory.

As stated, a network of engineering facilities has recently been created in the vicinity of the city of Yevpatoria. Among other things, shooting positions are being built, and "dragon teeth" are being deployed.

"Fortifications are being built around the city and its borders. Construction is underway along the shoreline of Lake Sasyk-Sivash south of Yevpatoria, along the railway line, and north of Yevpatoria near Donuzlav Bay", it said.

At the same time, partisans of the "Aresh" group announced that they would closely monitor the actions of the Russians and keep them updated.

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