Counter-offensive in action: Armed Forces 'genocide' Russian artillery - Forbes

, 15:16, 03.08.2023
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Ukrainian forces are successful on the battlefield. Ukrainian forces continue their methodical advance on several front lines. Russian troops attempt a counterattack, but suffer losses in manpower.

Counter-offensive in action: Armed Forces genocide Russian artillery - Forbes

Ukrainian forces are successful on the battlefield

Despite the complexity of the counter-offensive, the Ukrainians were victorious in at least one section of the larger plan - the counter-battery fight. Ukrainian troops systematically hunt for Russian artillery. The publication states that for every artillery installation of the Armed Forces destroyed, there are three Russian ones. Since June 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed 91 artillery installations, reporters say.

“This can be achieved with Western artillery and high-precision ammunition for it, high-quality intelligence from Ukrainian UAVs and possibly NATO resources. Or it is the advantage of the gunners themselves in training over the Russian troops,” the publication reads. I'm writing.

Jack Watling, an analyst at the Royal Joint Services Institute in London, says there is a tense battle against batteries going on.

“Ukraine defeats the Russian Federation in anti-battery combat, even though the Russian Armed Forces have changed their fire support tactics. They began to change positions more often, and also to fire from several positions. Also, the enemy has started to rely more on precision munitions,” he noted.

Earlier it became known that over the past week the Armed Forces of Ukraine intensified the counter-offensive with two strikes in the south. The targets of the attacks are probably the temporarily occupied cities of the Zaporizhia Oblast: Melitopol and Berdyansk.

According to the General Staff, as of August 3, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 247 850 soldiers of the army of the Russian Federation. Over the last 24 hours, another 620 soldiers were liquidated.


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