Cool Story Bro Studio's Milestone: Collaborating with Acclaimed Polish Actress Helena Mańkowska

, 22:11, 01.12.2023
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The Polish actress, known for her role in Resident Evil, will now appear in the Ukrainian comic Stars Cry by Cool Story Bro. Read about this cooperation in the article!

Cool Story Bro Studios Milestone: Collaborating with Acclaimed Polish Actress Helena Mańkowska

The star of the world's best-selling games will appear in the Ukrainian comic book "Stars Cry"

Cool Story Bro Studio, based in Dnipro and renowned for its fervor in crafting distinctive and brilliant comics, has recently unveiled a significant development in its flagship project, "Stars Cry". The studio has proudly announced the collaboration with the acclaimed Polish actress Helena Mańkowska, whose previous achievements in global gaming bestsellers have endeared her to millions worldwide. Mańkowska's collaboration with the Ukrainian company marks a noteworthy stride for Cool Story Bro.

The star of the worlds best-selling games will appear in the Ukrainia

Helena Mańkowska: A Multifaceted Talent in the Spotlight

The protagonist of "Stars Cry" will be portrayed by the multifaceted Helena Mańkowska, a Polish model and actress with a proven track record in captivating audiences with her talent and charisma in the gaming industry. Cool Story Bro, a studio dedicated to the meticulous development of its projects over the past two decades, envisions "Stars Cry" not merely as a comic book but as an entire immersive universe, replete with memorable characters and narratives, including the newly introduced heroine portrayed by Mańkowska.

In an upcoming interview with the studio, details about "Stars Cry" will be revealed, shedding light on its unique blend of extraterrestrial adventures, well-developed characters, and an engrossing plot set in the future. The studio's ambition is to transcend the confines of traditional comic storytelling, creating a world that resonates with readers on a profound level, much like the newly unveiled character embodied by Helena Mańkowska.

The involvement of Helena Mańkowska in this groundbreaking project is anticipated not only to elevate its popularity, but also to raise the profile of the Ukrainian comic book industry on the global stage. This collaboration serves as a testament to the studio's belief that Ukrainian content can be both original and internationally recognizable.

The star of the worlds best-selling games will appear in the Ukrainia

"Stars Cry": A Futuristic Odyssey with Deep Philosophical Undertones

"Stars Cry" unfolds in a distant future where humanity has expanded into cosmic realms and encountered enigmatic civilizations. The creators promise a narrative rich with thrilling adventures, intertwined with profound philosophical inquiries about humanity's place in the vast expanse of the universe.

For further insights into Helena Mańkowska's participation and other exciting developments surrounding "Stars Cry" and additional Cool Story Bro projects, interested individuals can stay updated through the studio's official website and social media channels: [Link to Cool Story Bro Studio's website].

This article underscores the pivotal announcement of a renowned actress joining forces with the Ukrainian comic book studio Cool Story Bro, highlighting the studio's innovative approach to creating distinctive and internationally appealing content. Furthermore, an in-depth interview with the studio's founder and key team members will be published soon, offering a comprehensive view of Cool Story Bro's global impact beyond the borders of Ukraine.


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