Confusion in Belarus. An order was issued to check "combat readiness"

, 20:40, 16.10.2023
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The Belarusian Armed Forces have started checking combat readiness. In the coming hours, convoys of military equipment and soldiers will hit the roads across the country.

Confusion in Belarus. An order was issued to check combat readiness

Exercises of Belarusian troops

The decision to start checking combat readiness was confirmed in the official statement of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. As reported, “regular units of mechanized formations began carrying out training and combat tasks.”

"The soldiers will march to the designated areas as soon as possible, while continuing to observe combat training standards. In addition, military and special equipment will be checked during inspection runs, including on uneven terrain"

- it was written.

At the same time, the authorities said that in the near future a large amount of military equipment should be expected to move on public roads of the Minsk, Grodno, Brest and Vitebsk regions. "The inspection is comprehensive and will allow determining the readiness of military units and units to perform the entrusted activities " - it was emphasized.

Exercises near the border with Poland

A few weeks earlier, the Belarusian army informed about the planned exercise in the north-western part of the country, mainly in the Grodno region near the border with Poland and Lithuania. As emphasized in the announcements, the exercises will take into account the conclusions drawn by Russian military fighting in Ukraine.

According to British intelligence sources, representatives of the Wagner Group are to take active part in the exercises. They will act as instructors of Belarusian units.


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