British intelligence reveals. This is what is happening to the Russian army

, 17:40, 24.09.2023
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There is high personnel turnover in the Russian army fighting in Ukraine. This is according to Saturday's British intelligence report. Looking at the 247th Regiment, we see extreme attrition.

British intelligence reveals. This is what is happening to the Russian army

Russia's Problems with Military Professionalization

The Russian army deployed in Ukraine is grappling with a significant challenge—high personnel turnover. This revelation stems from a recent British intelligence report published on a Saturday. Delving into the specifics of this issue, we find that the 247th Regiment of the russian armed forces has been particularly afflicted by extreme attrition and a pronounced rate of turnover.

Commander Carousel in Russia

In the report authored by the British Ministry of Defense, attention is drawn to the strikingly swift succession of commanders within one of Russia's esteemed airborne regiments since the inception of the full-scale Ukrainian invasion. The focal point of concern is the 247th Guards Assault Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces. Its most recent commander, Colonel Vasyl Popov, is presumed to have met his demise near Orikhov in early September 2023. Merely weeks prior, in August 2023, his predecessor, Colonel Petro Popov, had tendered his resignation.

Independent Russian media outlets have suggested that Colonel Petro Popov resigned in protest against the army's alleged failure to repatriate the remains of deceased Russian soldiers to their grieving families, as noted in the British intelligence report.

Furthermore, the British report underscores a distressing pattern. During the initial weeks of the invasion near Mykolaiv, the then-commander of the 247th Regiment, Colonel Kostiantyn Zizhevsky, lost his life in combat.

Previously, British intelligence had also shed light on labor shortages plaguing non-defense sectors of the Russian Federation. This shortage can be attributed to the ongoing war and the Russian Federation's recruitment of migrants from Central Asia to compensate for battlefield losses.

Women fight for Ukraine 

Shifting our focus to Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has experienced a remarkable shift in its perception and inclusion of women in uniform. Since 2014, the number of women serving in the Ukrainian army has nearly tripled. This transformation primarily stemmed from a comprehensive reform effort initiated in 2016, as part of a broader overhaul of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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