Bild: Germany is preparing for Russia's attack on NATO countries. The date has been missed

, 21:22, 15.01.2024
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The German newspaper Bild reveals that the Bundeswehr is actively preparing for a potential Russian hybrid attack on NATO's eastern flank in February. The secret document outlines a conflict scenario.

Bild: Germany is preparing for Russias attack on NATO countries. The date has been missed

Germany's army is preparing for a Russian attack"

According to the German newspaper Bild, the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) is preparing for a hybrid attack by Russia on NATO's eastern flank in February of this year.

The Bundeswehr's preparations are outlined in a secret document
as reported by Bild.

NATO is gearing up for a significant Russian assault on its eastern flank, according to a confidential Bundeswehr document cited by Bild.

Is Germany at risk?

In a document classified as "Secret Information - For Official Use Only", the German Ministry of Defense meticulously describes a potential conflict between Russia and NATO. The climax of this scenario involves the deployment of NATO troops on the eastern flank and the outbreak of war in the summer of 2025.

While Bild provides insights into the scenario, it refrains from disclosing all information about troop numbers and movements due to security reasons.

"Defense of the Alliance 2025," the Bundeswehr's scenario, commences in February 2024, according to Bild. The newspaper reveals some details from the classified document, outlining Russia's actions, which include a wave of mobilization, a spring offensive in Ukraine, and a subsequent attack on the Baltic countries in July.

The scenario also anticipates cyberattacks and various forms of hybrid warfare. Tensions are expected to peak in October with the deployment of Russian troops and missiles to Königsberg. The scenario envisions that, after the US elections, if the country remains leaderless, Russia, with the support of Belarus, could replicate the 2014 invasion of Ukraine on NATO territory.

The scenario concludes 30 days after "X-Day", when NATO deploys substantial military forces, including the Bundeswehr, to its eastern flank. However, the scenario leaves the question of whether NATO can deter Russia unanswered.

Previously, citing intelligence sources, Bild reported that the Kremlin was planning "fictitious negotiations" while simultaneously conducting offensive operations. The article noted that Putin has a plan for Minsk-type talks but is still waging war against Ukraine.

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