Beaches in Odessa are open again. No swimming during an air raid alert

, 21:32, 12.08.2023
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The authorities in Odessa lifted the ban on visiting bathing areas. The area is still not safe, but the services have prepared the beaches so that the risk is as low as possible.

Beaches in Odessa are open again. No swimming during an air raid alert

Odessa opens its beaches for the first time since Russia's invasion began in 2022

Beaches in Odessa opened on Saturday – the first time since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, local officials said on Saturday.

However, local authorities stress that the bathing ban will still apply as soon as the air raid alarm goes off. Before opening, each of the beaches will have to pass an inspection.

Odessa. Beaches open for the first time in a year

In addition, special nets have been installed in open bathing areas. They are used to making mines fall into them. They will then become visible, which will help to notify the services in a timely manner. It was noted that in case of doubt, divers would be sent to explore the bottom of the Black Sea. It was also announced that the coasts will be cleaned daily.

In a message on the Telegram of the city of Odesa, it was reported that air-raid shelters are available near the reopened bathing beaches, and the places of shelters are indicated on information boards on the beaches.

The coast is still at risk

The mayor of Odesa, Hennadiy Trukhanov, assured that it was the duty of the authorities to “prepare all the necessary infrastructure.” However, the area is not safe.

Over the past 17 months, Odesa has witnessed relentless waves of Russian attacks that have left the waters full of mimes, forcing authorities to close a stretch of sandy beaches and resorts once popular with Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

However, despite the official ban on swimming since the beginning of the war, some still visited the bathing areas. However, using the beaches during the holiday season may be an important factor that will allow Ukrainians to take a break from the war that surrounds them.

Odessa still remains a Russian target. Russian airstrikes last week damaged a critical port facility and key industrial infrastructure in the city.

The shells also ruined the monuments. The historic Orthodox church and the cathedral, including paintings and icons, were destroyed. In addition, the Russians bombed the passages, palaces and museums.

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