Attack on the Russian headquarters near Kherson. Eight officers are dead

, 16:44, 26.09.2023
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In a precise strike near Kherson, Ukrainian forces utilized a HIMARS missile system to target a meeting of Russian officers, resulting in eight fatalities and seven injuries.

Attack on the Russian headquarters near Kherson. Eight officers are dead

Attack on the Russian headquarters in Kherson. They are killed

In a significant turn of events near Kherson, Ukrainian forces carried out a precise missile strike on a building housing Russian officers, resulting in eight fatalities and several injuries, according to reports from Ukrainian media sources.

The incident unfolded as the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) deployed a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launcher to target the Russian headquarters situated near Kherson. This high-precision missile system, originally supplied by the United States to Ukraine, demonstrated its lethal capabilities in the operation.

Unian, a Ukrainian news agency, detailed the aftermath of the attack, revealing that the missile's precise strike caught the Russian officers during a scheduled meeting. The HIMARS missile struck its intended target with deadly accuracy, plunging the meeting into chaos.

HIMARS missile attack: eight russian officers killed, seven injured

As a result of the attack, eight Russian officers belonging to the 24th Motorized Rifle Regiment lost their lives, while an additional seven sustained injuries. In post-Soviet military terminology, those killed in action are classified as “200”, signifying the need for the transport of their remains, while those injured are designated as "300," indicating the requirement for medical evacuation.

The success of this operation can be attributed to the skillful coordination and execution by the SBU, who strategically timed the missile launch to coincide with the daily meeting of Russian officers. The timely intervention by the HIMARS missile disrupted the meeting and inflicted significant casualties upon the occupants of the building.

HIMARS, a highly versatile rocket artillery system mounted on armored trucks, played a pivotal role in this operation. This weapon system's ability to rapidly deploy and deliver precision strikes made it a formidable asset in Ukraine's arsenal, aiding them in countering the occupying Russian forces.

The use of advanced weaponry like HIMARS underscores Ukraine's determination to defend its sovereignty and repel the aggressor. It also highlights the significant international support received by Ukraine in its ongoing struggle against Russian aggression, with the United States providing crucial military assistance.


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