Attack on the Engels in Russia. Strategic bombers are stationed there

, 20:05, 20.03.2024
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Ukrainian drones reportedly struck an airbase in Engels, Russia, containing strategic bombers used in attacks on Ukraine. Residents reported explosions and the activation of air defenses.

Attack on the Engels in Russia. Strategic bombers are stationed there

Drone attack targets Russian airbase in Engels

There was an explosion in the city of Engels in the Saratov Oblast of the Russian Federation. There is a military base there where Russian strategic bombers are stationed. The Russian portal MASH reports that the strategic base was probably the target of drones. Ukrainian portals report that it was an operation of the Ukrainian military intelligence.

Residents of the city of Engels heard the sound of an engine, followed by powerful explosions. The Telegram channel SHOT wrote about this. "Witnesses claim that two to four loud explosions were heard over the city, shaking the windows in buildings. According to preliminary data, the air defense system worked. Residents of the city claim that they had heard a siren earlier. There is no official information about casualties or damage," - we read. The channel reports that five Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed over the territories of the Belgorod and Saratov oblasts.

Drone attack targets Russian airbase in Engels with strategic bombers

Another drone attack in Russia. An air base was attacked

"Unmanned aerial vehicles were eliminated over Engels. The air defense system worked effectively. There are no casualties or damage to infrastructure as a result of the fall of the wreckage" - said the governor of the Saratov Oblast, Valery Radayev.

Ukrainian media, citing sources in the Ukrainian special services, report that the next drone attack in Russia is the work of the Ukrainian military intelligence. The portals inform that these were planned actions of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. An interlocutor of the NV portal noted that Ukrainian-made drones were used for the attack.

The Russian portal Mash reports that the target of the drones was probably the Engels-2 base located near the city. This military airfield, which the Russians usually use for massive attacks on Ukraine, is home to Russian strategic bombers, in particular the Tu-160 and Tu-95MS.

Ukrainian drone attacks in Russia

Drone attacks that took place in recent weeks have led to the closure of at least three oil refineries in the Russian Federation. These plants account for about 12% of the Russian Federation's oil refining capacity. This is reported by Bloomberg. According to the portal, the attacks carried out in February on Russian refineries affected almost one-fifth of the country's refining capacity, but the situation in the industry improved in early March. The refinery in Ryazan, which was attacked on March 12, has a production capacity of 17.1 million tons per year, or about 340,000 barrels per day.

The company is the main supplier of motor fuel for the capital regions of Russia. The media reported that the plant had to shut down two main refineries. Later, on March 13, drones raided a plant in Novoshakhty in the Rostov Oblast of Russia. According to local authorities, the company has temporarily suspended its operations. According to Bloomberg, it had a production capacity of 5.6 million tons per year, or about 112,000 barrels per day.

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